BroadBand Installation Query

  Lú-tzé 10:19 06 Jul 2003

In our home we have a telephone system with a phone extension in every room and two lines (on the same number).

We now want to get BroadBand internet but have some queries about its compatibility with the telephone system which was installed by BT.

Does anybody know of any problems which may arise? The BB will initially be in one room and later I will think about putting it via a wireless network into other rooms.

I will phone BT tomorrow and check what they have to say but would like some pointers for now to what questions to ask them.

Many thanks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:30 06 Jul 2003

You will need a filter for each extension that uses a computer. The filter enables you to use a phone at the same time as you are on the net. BB will be enabled on every extension.


  Stitchy 12:23 06 Jul 2003

When I installed BT Broadband I was informed, by BT, that I needed a filter for each of the telephone connections in use on that line including the one used for the computer.

  Lú-tzé 12:59 06 Jul 2003

Thanks for those. It seems then that if I have the filter on each extension, then each phone on the system will be BB enabled.

I will leave this open until I talk to BT and report back. Any other thoughts welcome.

  Magik ®© 13:07 06 Jul 2003

where there is a phone you will need a filter, you do not need a filter for the BB modem...

  Lú-tzé 13:55 06 Jul 2003

Does that mean that I will need 10 filters - i.e. one for every extension that has a phone now even though the modem is only plugged into one of them?

We have a phone in every bedroom, the kitchen, hallways, entrance, garage and laundry room...only the lounge & dining room is phine free - what is the cost of these filters / where do we get them.

  snoresloudly 14:01 06 Jul 2003

yep!!, about a tenner as well from PCW etc maybe cheaper to buy on line. When i bought my modem from freeserve I was offered extra filters at £10 for 2 but did'nt need them. You could look at getting a DECT phone system where you only have the one base unit then upto 10 handsets can be registered should be able to do for about £200/250

why so many phones???????

  snoresloudly 14:03 06 Jul 2003
  BLB 14:10 06 Jul 2003

Get NTL Broadband and phone.Its cheaper than BT and it will solve your problem!

  Lú-tzé 14:13 06 Jul 2003

why so many phones???????

It is a biggish house... tall rather than broad and lots of phones makes it easier than running up and down the stairs every time there is a message for someone else.

Thanks for the lins. It seems that I will have to budget in another £100 or so depending on the number of filters I get with the BB modem itself.

  Lú-tzé 14:19 06 Jul 2003

Thanks for the suggestion - sadly changing from BT for telephone services is not an option at this time.

But I might yet go with NTLs BB depending on the deals on offer.

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