Broadband of the future - shocking ?

  Tenner 15:59 12 Mar 2003

click here

Will this be the next step forward for BB users ?


  oresome 16:34 12 Mar 2003

If they do get it working wide scale, (which I confess to doubting), it will certainly spoil the business plans of BT and the cable co's.

Nice to think that one cable could do all and the BB services was readily available at any 13amp outlet.

Should make reading the electric meter a doddle as well.

  [email protected] 17:06 12 Mar 2003

that would be wonderful if our GOV kept its promise to supply broadband for every one.
No great surprise that head teachers dream about teaching children @ home via PC

  Tenner 17:42 12 Mar 2003

The mind boggles ! Imagine how you could keep the attention of the 'one at the back' - a quick zap from your console and his mouse would light up.

The possibilities seem almost endless.


  bigballoo 21:18 16 Mar 2003

Living in a rural area of Scotland this would be marvellous. BT will never upgrade my area of the world as there are not enough people in the area let alone enough people to register for Broadband. I hope this comes sooner than 5 years or I might have too move house(wife won't like that).

  he he :-)™ 22:05 16 Mar 2003

give me a plug socket. :-)

  bfoc 22:50 16 Mar 2003

That United Utilities missed a real opportunity. However I remember them saying their first trials were successful, but then they hit problems when it was offered to wider group.

I do hope that this works, it really would give everyone other options and would remove the 'postcode' lottery that broadband currently is!

  Forum Editor 23:05 16 Mar 2003

of this technology was unsuccessful, although at the time it was heralded as the answer to everyone's prayer.

It's sounding as if the technological problems might have been resolved. although I'll reserve my judgement for the moment. If it is successful this technology has a very bright future, and I very much hope it succeeds.

If I remember rightly, as you say FE, there was a trial of this in Scotland not so long ago by a Hydro Electric Company. That they could get it to the "Trial" stage is promising for future development so fingers crossed.

I am extremely lucky in having had Broadband for well over a year now, BUT I am soon to be moving and yep, you guessed it, I hope to live in the countryside. So, I can definitely say that the availability of broadband is already making a large impact on my decision as to where I will move to.

Again, A friend of mine lives in a large village just on the edge of Eastbourne (About 1/2 mile away). I have Broadband, he doesn't. and as he is on a different exchange, yet to be upgraded, to me, it wont matter one iota if this does get upgraded tomorrow as he is still more than 5Km away from it so is in a no win situation.

Until the UK get their finger out and develop this vital service we will remain lagging behind other developed countries. Perhaps His Highness Mr Blair would stop, consider the amount of money he is spending in pursuing a country that shows no clear and present threat to the UK and spend the billions of pounds he would save in developing this country instead of bombing hell out of another country that he will only have to rebuild after, (They will probably have Broadband in the desert sooner than we will in the countryside)!!

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