Broadband - on the fringe!

  [DELETED] 11:27 09 Oct 2003

Am posting this in the hope that it may be of interest to someone else - on the fringe.

I registered for broadband on BT?s website so long ago that it has been lost in the mists of time.

A couple of months ago I received an e-mail from BT informing me that my local telephone exchange would be broadband enabled on October 1st.

I applied to Pipex for their ADSL service (they state that any money paid will be returned in the event of not being able to receive broadband).

A few weeks later I checked availability on the BT site and was informed ? ?Congratulations your exchange is due to receive broadband ADSL on October 1st. Unfortunately the length of the telephone line between you and the exchange is too long for broadband ADSL.?

I checked the phone numbers of properties around mine, and the nearest one that came back positive was about 150 yards away.

I knew that I would be at the extreme limit of reception because I live in a village a couple of miles away from the nearest town.

I posted in PC for info, and what I read was not reassuring.

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Pipex to inform me that I would be connected to their ADSL service on October 8th.

I checked on Pipex?s site for availability and got the same message that BT had posted.

I sent an e-mail to Pipex for clarification, am still waiting for a reply. Phoned their customer help line and was told that as far as they knew "the exchange would be connected on October 8th."

Then on October 5th I received a telephone call. It was the engineer from the local exchange to inform me that I had been connected for ADSL.

I explained to him about the posts in Pipex and BT. He said that I should wait until I received the modem and test it for myself, as this was the only true test. BT measure the total distance from the exchange to my house, and that must be over the limit.

Lo and behold I received my modem on October 7th. Plugged it in, with a great deal of trepidation, and bingo ? two green lights. I could not believe my luck.


This post has been sent via ADSL (my 56k modem is disconnected).

?Your exchange has broadband ADSL. However, the length of the telephone line between you and the exchange is too long for broadband ADSL? is still posted on both the Pipex and BT websites.

Sorry this post is so long winded.

But if you are at the limit, and get a similar message as myself ? wait, try it, and you too may be lucky!

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