Broadband & download caps

  Blake 18:28 08 Oct 2005

I'm looking for a broadband ISP.
Having only used dial up before, I'm unsure what effect the download caps will make - ie what will I be able to download for the various Gb caps?
We will mainly be useing email, web browsing, antivirus/windows and occasional driver/software updates.
My son will, no doubt, be downloading some music tracks, watching a few video trailer clips, playing RuneScape(spelling?) and researching homework(hopefully!).
So what's the best suited to go for?

Any ISP recommendations would also be VERY useful.



  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:35 08 Oct 2005

Tiscali, £17.99 and no caps.


  Forum Editor 20:19 08 Oct 2005

from Speakers Corner.

  Stuartli 20:57 08 Oct 2005

If you start with Tiscali's 2MB and 2GB cap at £15.99 and keep a check on normal usage with the Tautology Bandwidth Meter (daily and monthly GB totals), you can then decide if 2GB is sufficient or that you need to go to the uncapped service at £17.99.

This is easily accomplished through Tiscali's My Account>Upgrade/Downgrade facility and the changeover is normally around 24-48 hours.

The Tautology Bandwidth Meter can be downloaded from:

click here

Tiscali states that the majority of its subscribers only average around 0.8GB a month.

  Ancient Learner 21:04 08 Oct 2005

Tiscali is offering 1MB for £14.99 and, I believe, no cap. click here

  [email protected] 22:00 08 Oct 2005

Are you in a cable enabled area (ie. Telewest or NTL)?

  Blake 18:44 09 Oct 2005

Have any of you guys used Tiscali? I'm wondering about the reliability etc.
Just had a look at their site and the fair usage policy seems ok (not entirely sure what peer-peer

NTL are in this area, it's the 2 or 3GB cap I was wondering about, not knowing what our usage would be - didn't want to get stuck in a 12 month contract and find it limiting our usage.

  Stuartli 19:12 09 Oct 2005

Tiscali's 2MB +2GB cap is £15.99 - as I carefully explained earlier in the thread you can sign up for this service (or 1MB unlimited) and find out your usage levels for a week or so.

If it is necessary to move to an unlimited service at the higher speed level, you can upgrade from Tiscali's My Account section in a matter of a handful of minutes and be enjoying the benefits a day or two later.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:44 09 Oct 2005


Also known as File Sharing programs - Kazza being the most notorious I expect.

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