Broadband Delay...ARGH

  Fateful Shadow 19:08 27 Jun 2005

I was told that BT would be enabling my exchnge on the 15th of this month, and alas we are still without it! Apparently the parent exchange is full to capacity, so we have to wait for that to be upgraded first...

I've had several responces to how long this will take from BT, including:

- We don't know (the most common)

- No longer than 2 to 3 weeks

- October 5th

I hope that the last one isn't true, but has anyone else experienced this? If so, how long did it take for you?

Thanks :)

  spuds 22:54 27 Jun 2005

Check for yourself click here

  Fateful Shadow 11:32 28 Jun 2005

I've tried this so many times before, but it doesn't seem to agree with BT.

According to, our exchange is ADSL enabled and there are no planned updates to the parent exchange. However, we can't get broadband and BT say the parent exchange needs a bigger capacity...

  rockerbilly 13:59 01 Jul 2005

At present take-up of BB is far more than anticipated, new exchanges are filled up to capacity on completion.
We are advised on the BT technical helpdesk to inform the customer that the problem is in hand with BT engineers and will be resolved asap- make of that what you will!

  Fateful Shadow 20:55 01 Jul 2005

Well, after waiting half a month after we were told we were getting it, we still don't have it. My router is gathering dust quickly and I'm beginning to wonder whether I should just wait another year and a bit until I go to Uni ad get broadband there....because the chances of getting it here are going from slim to non-existant :(

  Pooke 23:46 01 Jul 2005

what about ntl? are you in an ntl area?

  rockerbilly 01:36 02 Jul 2005

If you had an initial connection date it is BT policy to refund double your downtime. Therefore request that they provide you with (at this time)1 months refund connection. Also never agree to take the refund until the service is working, once an agreement is made you are bound by it i.e. if you took it now and have to wait another weeek for connection you miss out on further refunds.

  rockerbilly 01:40 02 Jul 2005

obviously its not advisable to refer to this site as your infomation- Big Brothers out there and I'd like to keep my job:)

  Fateful Shadow 12:51 08 Jul 2005

I've continually checked the BT online checker to see if we could get it, and now it says we'll have it by the 30th of this month.

Now, will this be true, or just another date to get all hopeful of and then be let down at the last minute? I'm just keeping my hopes incredibly low...that way I won't be disappointed if we haven't got it, and even happier if we do :P

Thanks for all the replies and advice :)

  Fateful Shadow 19:40 04 Aug 2005

I've checked the checker, it says I'm enabled (woo!) but my order was still not being processed. So, I rang up for the 'god-knows-how-many-times' time to find that the Internet is lying to me. There's still no capacity at the parent exchange and there's something else that's hindering the processto do with another exchange.

So, still no exchange capacity, still no broadband...

  Fateful Shadow 16:51 12 Aug 2005

Almost two months on, it's here! I have it, I am using it and I'm extatic (if that's how you spell it) ! It did take a lot of pushing and unesscessary phone calls but I'm finally on 2mb.

Thanks again for all your help :)

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