Broadband costs comparisons

  AJ Beer 21:34 06 Nov 2003

Good evening every one!
Can anyone guide me to the most economical Broadband service that doesn't require sign up for 12 months?

  tommyc352 21:52 06 Nov 2003

Eclipse are good its a monthly fee and they have consistanly high levels of customer service.

Chck out: click here

  Forum Editor 22:37 06 Nov 2003

should really be in Consumerwatch - I'll move it now.

  Djohn 22:49 06 Nov 2003

click here Plusnet from 㾾.99 and a month by moth contract. j.

  Djohn 22:51 06 Nov 2003

?18.99 Don't know where the moth came from! :o(

  simonp1 22:56 06 Nov 2003

zen internet, 1 month contracts, very good service
click here

  Dipso 21:35 07 Nov 2003

click here 3 month contract. Excellent customer service.

  Djohn 21:50 07 Nov 2003

Hope they are, just signed with them today. :o)

Nildram. To be honest having just signed up to Nildram 1Mbps service and connected on 7/10 only for BT to cut me off on 17/10 (Moved house and old occupier asked BT to terminate the line four days AFTER we moved in and three days AFTER our contract with BT had commenced).

Had to contact their customer services dept to help sort out the problem and reconnection and I can honestly say that I have rarely seen such commitment to customer satisfaction. Not only were they phoning BT several times a day, they would leave me a message to tell me what had happened. Not only did they not worry about not charging for reconnection (Not their fault I was cut off) but fought my corner to ensure that BT would refund my Dial up charges as well.

In all, first class and thanks to Nicole Franchilli (Sales Manager) I would not hesitate to reccomend them.

Price? Not bad, not hte cheapest (but not that much more than those already mentioned) but then service was out of this world.

Contract? Just 30 days.

Go for it. No regrets.

  keenan 23:42 07 Nov 2003

Worth pointing out that many of the monthly contracts will still involve 1. Charging for modem(?40)
2.Connection fee.(upto ?70)
Whereas a large proportion of the '12 month contracts' are offering these FOC.

If you decide your not happy with your provider after a month or so , its unlikely you,ll get these costs back.
Use the link given by 'tommyc352' and choose wisely,
is the 'Customer support' line free etc - bear all these factors in mind.What you gain in one hand -you can loose in another!

  Djohn 23:52 07 Nov 2003

Good advice keenan, but also if you phone some of the ISP's, ZEN is one, they do at times waive the fees and just charge a connection fee of ?30.00 or ?40.00

ZEN for instance have signed me up today for the sum of ?35.00 in total V.A.T. included. j.

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