broadband-Browser & e-mail?

  Djohn 23:40 07 Jun 2003

I will be changing to broadband in a couple of weeks time, think I have understood most of what is required, mainly from reading threads in the forum. Just the one thing I'm not sure of at the moment.

Browser and e-mail. Do I use both these programs the same as now, (56k modem) or do the ISP provide a different method of both?

Thank you for any advice with this question. j.

  powerless 23:46 07 Jun 2003

56K i was using IE and OE, now i'm on BB i'm still uisng IE and OE.

  Djohn 00:07 08 Jun 2003

Powerless, so if I have understood this correctly, once my broadband is activated, I use my PC as normal, then when I want to connect, I just open IE from the desktop and continue as normal with browsing and e-mail?

I think the confusion is because of a thread in the help room regarding, NTL e-mail, and the fact that it is sometimes slow to come through. Is this due to NTL being cable rather than phone-line?

  jazzypop 00:30 08 Jun 2003

You are correct - just click on your browser icon, and the page should load almost instantly. The same thing should happen with your email program. Note that some ISPs (Freeserve springs to mind, and possibly NTL) ask their broadband customers to use a slightly different email address for broadband. There is no good reason for this that I can think of, but that is the way that they want to play it. Check your ISP's website.

The NTL email issue is a separate one. To put it simply, NTL's email servers have had a habit of being uncontactable for a few hours at a time. They simply don't respond to a send / receive request ... and then suddenly spring back to life. I guess the NTL engineers are having a lot of fun trying to standardise all the different systems they inherited from the initial cable franchise operators.

  powerless 00:31 08 Jun 2003

Oh i see what you mean.

Well when i want to connect i click the connection icon on my desktop. I can then use IE and OE.

If i want to i can add this connectiom icon to the startup folder so my computer will connect autmatcially to the internet.

"Is this due to NTL being cable rather than phone-line?" - Connection problem and AV cutting in i would assume.

  Djohn 00:38 08 Jun 2003

jazzypop & Powerless. That's cleared it up for me. Yes, it was the delay of e-mail with NTL that put the doubt in my mind. Think I'm fully armed now for the venture, hope my c/c is feeling the same. ;o)

  spuds 12:51 08 Jun 2003

Just a little bit of advice.If you have any initial start-up running problems, go to Freeserve support first, not the line provider,unless you are 120% sure it is a line problem.A friend as recently gone on Freeserve and had various problems [exchange distances/old equipment, configuration etc]. Freeserve were not very happy about him contacting BT,they prefare to be involved first.

  Djohn 19:05 08 Jun 2003

but don't think Freeserve will be to pleased with me asking them for help, I'm thinking of using "ZEN" as my ISP. ;o)

  spuds 19:40 08 Jun 2003

Whoops sorry...

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