Broadband Availability in Wales

  taffpaul 16:58 20 May 2003

I applied for Broadband with aol as you get the free setup kit I live 3 miles from my nearest BT Exchange and thats not as the crow flies all that I seem to get is that I am 5.5km and its to far but yet the Welsh assembly have given a substantial grant to BT to help them give broadband yet half a mile down the hill and everyone has broadband available bt says its not cost effective to give it on the estate of 518 dwellings as they need 300 customers. hows that for greed ??

  Forum Editor 19:01 20 May 2003

for enabling exchanges for broadband, and it's the exchange that you are connected to that would need to be enabled.

I'm not sure why you are getting conflicting information - on the one hand you say that you've been told you live too far from the exchange, and yet you also say that BT have told you your exchange hasn't reached its 300 trigger point. From that I deduce that you would be too far from the exchange, even if it did reach the trigger point. Is that the situation?

I'm not sure about greed, but it obviously isn't viable for BT to enable every exchange in Britain, regardless of demand - at least not in the short to medium term. The people who live half a mile down the hill are presumably on a different exchange - one that has been enabled?

  taffpaul 21:01 22 May 2003

It would appear that I owe you an apology as the grant I refered to was not given by the welsh assembly Please find below a passage of an email I received today.
From: [email protected]
I am aware that some exchanges within the
Caerphilly County Borough Council area have been upgraded as part of the
'Connecting Caerphilly' project that has involved the Borough Council, BT and the WDA.
However, this project has not been supported by Assembly Government funds as you suggest in your e mail.

The Welsh Assembly Government takes very seriously the need to facilitate wider access and take up of broadband services across Wales. Its
commitments in this area are being taken forward by the Broadband Wales Programme. A £115 million investment in a whole range of targeted
interventions designed to boost broadband demand and supply
so as you can see there is a big injection of funding into Adsl, I still have not found out how far 5.5km are and also I have heard that this has been extended by a further 500km. but all I want is to be able to get broadband and there are probably thousands out there who feels the same.

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