Broadband are BT over egging it?

  jack 19:50 21 Jan 2005

As a mere steam dialupper, my knowledge of matters BB is scanty. I do understand that a member of a household and use the telephone wilst the anorak in the boxroom is still deep into matters computery.
Is this so?

Whilst idly reading the 'Update' pamphlet that comes with the BT phone bill I read about BB basic for 16.99 a month - Hmm not bad I thought - then later on in writing about further services, I found BradBand Talk for only an additional 5.50 per month

Does this imply that they are breaking to service down into smaller bits to kid us they are cheaper?

  JonnyTub 20:20 21 Jan 2005

err, not quite sure what your getting at, but if your considering broadband there are better deals to be had, as far as i know bt broadband basic is only a 256kbps service for £16.99, whereas you can get at least a 512kbps for about the same, i may be wrong and no doubt others will confirm or not.

  Kev.Ifty 20:46 21 Jan 2005

If one is on the computer connected via BB, the other 'one' can use the phone......

You are correct. click here Some other offers


  Noelg23 21:19 21 Jan 2005

or for a more wider range of info on ADSL (broadband) go to either click here or click here

  jack 09:01 22 Jan 2005

Thanx you three.
What I am implying is that from what I read in the BT pamplet they are offering BB then saying later but if you want to talk at the same time it'll cost ya another fiver guv.
Which is different from my understanding of BB, that is you can surf and talk at the same time as part of the concept.

  mikef. 18:09 22 Jan 2005

Broadband talk is a way of using your internet connection as a phone connection and has nothing to do with the fact that you can use your phone at the same time as the internet, and is an extra service.

  R4 19:06 22 Jan 2005

You pay £16.99 for the broadband but you still need a BT Line for which you have to pay £31 plus voice calls per quarter

  jack 19:16 22 Jan 2005

Thamk you Mike F
I think I get it.

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