Broadband - AOL\Telewest\Freeserve\NTL\BT

  gohangold 13:06 18 Feb 2003

Aol, BT and Freeserve are basically the same service so if u wish to by one get the cheapest service. One problem with BT though is the fact that you still have to work through one their sub-companies I believe making service relative. Telewest or Ntl are you're best bet as NTL charge AOL flat rate for 128k. Telewest though are quite good due to the fact that they do not have a 1gig restriction YET!
If you have an old PC like me do not I repeat do not go with BT as you shall be ensued with problems and when you ask them what's wrong they shall continually blame the age of your PC. AOL crashes all the time and when I ask why, they say that my USB is too old. So I do not know about the others just do not get AOL.

  accord 19:35 18 Feb 2003

what ???????
how many BB connections do you have????

  he he :-) 20:23 18 Feb 2003

My mate has AOL broadband and He has no probolems whith it crashing.

  gohangold 10:17 19 Feb 2003

I only have AOL, but 'am giving a review on all these companies.

  Mucky duck 23:21 14 Mar 2004
  Forum Editor 07:05 15 Mar 2004

Let's not have any "do not buy from comapny X" statements based on scrappy (and innacurate) knowledge.

All ADSL services that come down a copper wire are from BT. The wholesale company sells them to other ISP's who then sell them on to you, so if you have a copper-wire service you are using BT anyway, albeit indirectly.

Like many others I've used the BT ADSL service ever since it was first introduced, and apart from a couple of minor niggles back at the start I have had no problems at all. The service is reliable and fast.

Unless you have personally used the services you talk about(or have access to data from existing users) you aren't really qualified to publish what you call "reviews". If you have used the services you will obviously be expressing your own opinions, which may not be representative, and it might be better to explain that at the outset.

  Forum Editor 07:10 15 Mar 2004

that the ADSL guide site referred to in Mucky duck's link shows BT OpenWorld ahead of both AOL and NTL for reliability and speed for the months August 2003 to January 2004.

  gohangold 11:14 15 Mar 2004

I have used all the packages I just don't have them. In the last month alone I have had two days where there was no connection as the BT\AOL service was being fixed at my service center in Ilford (baring in mind I live in north london and that is east. So for the remainder of these days (separate occasions) I could not use the internet. From my personal experience AOL\BT is not as fast as NTL\Telewest services.
From what you've said it seems that BT (on it's own) has an efficient service although AOL (which is with BT) is not the same, and their package that you must use to gain access drains system resources. I haven't just said this stuff I have had experience with both cable and dsl. From my experience Cable is faster, My uncle has it and he now has a lower spec PC then me as, a year on I have upgraded my PC. Yet he still a year on has a faster connection. Baring in mind we both "supposedly" have 512 broadband

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