Broaband - Wanadoo £17.99 2 GB package

  georgemac 08:19 08 Jul 2004

Our village will be enabled for ADSL in the midlle of this month. As a campaigner a lot of people will ask me for advice. The above package looks extremely good value and will be sufficient for moost people - has anyone who is using the service any comments, good or bad? The 2 gb limit should not be a problem for most, but it says these limits will not be applied until later in 2004. How long does it normally take from ordering to connection?

For myself, I was going to use NTL Freedom broadband, but this is not available. As I am away 2 weeks out of 4, I was thinking of the above package myself, 2 GB should be OK. For those who do not want a limit but want to keep their costs down, pipex do a 5 x faster for the same price, but unlimited on usage.

I know this sounds daft, but would there de a big difference between 5 x faster and 10 x faster for normal browsing? Downloads would obviously take twice as long.

Thanks for any feedback

  deke 09:31 08 Jul 2004


  CamPatUK 10:07 08 Jul 2004

i always like to pass the buck and send people to click here they are independant and can provide info for services to meet everyones needs, current favourites are zen nildram and mailbox. Please don't attack me for posting the same responce in almost every thread i just think these folks are very capable of answering any question.

  georgemac 16:00 08 Jul 2004

Had a look at adslguide, the only downside with zen, nildram and mailbox compared to wanadoo is the set up cost of around £60 which will put some off when compared to wanadoo.

I am always a bit dubious of the ratings, as most who take the bother to rate are usually either extremely pleased or miffed about something and you probably never hear from those in the middle who are quite happy.

  gandulf 16:35 08 Jul 2004

Have been trying to sign up for the £17.99 2GB package since 25th May 2004 with no success. An account was set up by Wanadoo and then cancelled by them, for no apparent reason, on more than on occasion! Currently waiting for a reply to my letter of complaint.

  mmitch 19:32 08 Jul 2004

I joined Wanadoo (still prefer freeserve!) Broadband 512K two weeks ago.I received the modem two days later and the connection was made within 7 days. I received no notification that it was connected but found out by testing twice a day!
Once set up, excellent connection.
One problem I have found is to find out what my usage is. Wanadoo suggest I get a 'net meter' from the many sites offering them. WHY? Why can't I click onto a URL on Wanadoos members page and it will tell me? What if my net meter and Wanadoos don't agree?

  georgemac 21:42 08 Jul 2004

the 2 gb limit apparently won't come into force until later this year, that's what it says on the wanadoo site anyway. I agree with your comment about the usage meter, and I'm sure that when the limit is applied they should do this, or they may have thousands of emails with users complaining their net meter only shows 1.5 gb!

I think metronet payg provide a meter for their customers.

The only downside for me (advising others) with metronet is no email or webspace, and the set up fee.

  james55 23:11 08 Jul 2004

When you purchase a Wanadoo Modem they say it can take up to 10 days to be connected, in my case it took 3 days. I have had no problems so -far.


Most net meters are specific to a particular ISP. You could try the following, although I am not sure how accurate it is.Still a rough guide is better than nothing.
click here

  georgemac 06:54 09 Jul 2004

thanks for that link, have downloaded it and may try it.

  rogkat 21:37 09 Jul 2004

Had problems in getting modem, registered 5th May, finally, 4 phone calls and 6 weeks later received modem on 18th June.
Already somebody in my road with Wanadoo, so my postcode only registered the one numberin the road, or that was explaination i got, Have now also (6/7/04 received another modem?

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