British Gas sharp practice

  dunderheid 13:33 17 Dec 2007

I have had the Home Care 200 maintenance contract or its equivalent with British Gas for 7 years.

On my renewal notice, the payments have gone up which they do every year, but more annoying is the fact that I am not being allowed the "no callout discount" for not calling an engineer out last year.

I did not call them out, but during the annual check, the engineer discovered a faulty TRV on a radiator and replaced it.

When I phoned up to query not being granted the discount I was told that the repair still debars me from the discount even although I did not phone the breakdown service.

To add insult to injury when I said I was not accepting this I was told they have 48 hours for a line manager to respond to my complaint by telephone.

Talk about getting away with murder!

  realist 19:12 17 Dec 2007

I have had minor problems with BG Service in the past, but I don't think I'd want to ever be without their service cover.

  Pine Man 19:30 17 Dec 2007

'I have had minor problems with BG Service in the past, but I don't think I'd want to ever be without their service cover.'

I'm not sure the couple who have just appeared on local TV here in the south would agree. They have been waiting two and a half months and still have no heating. A 'senior' BG engineer is supposed to be going to see if he can do any better tonight!

  laurie53 19:57 17 Dec 2007

Even more of a sharp practice. I have had a service agreement with them for seven years or so, which should give and annual routine service.

When I asked them why they had not been for over a year they replied that my agreement is an annual one and runs from June 07 to Jun 08.. My last agreement ran from June 06 to June 07. Since they came in October 06 they do not have to come again until June 08, i.e. once during the agreement period, but up to two years since the last visit.

And this is a safety critical service!

So far as I am concerned this is a continuous agreement, and an annual visit means once every twelve months.

This dispute is ongoing!

  pat2068 21:45 17 Dec 2007

my daughter have BG home care and she is without hot water or heating and thye have told her it will be the middle of january before it is fixed great company who would want them leo

  dunderheid 09:00 18 Dec 2007

In the seven years that I have had British Gas Home Care 200 I have had a maintenance and safety check without fail every year within the time scale of my contract period. It's part of the agreement and you have paid for it!

It's here in black and white
click here

You should do what I am going to do, that is complain to Energywatch.

  spuds 10:52 18 Dec 2007

The thing that I find a little distasteful, is the adverts that are now appearing in various newspapers, that no only do you pay a annual fee, but on any repairs you pay an extra £50.00.

Not sure whether this applies to British Gas or another large utility group.

  Meshuga 19:23 18 Dec 2007

spuds, I think you will find that it is a new scheme with a lower annual fee but you have to pay the £50 callout fee if you need a visit from them

  961 19:25 18 Dec 2007

Yes, that's British Gas

Funny sort of offer

You pay £10 per month

And if you need them, they want another £50

(Bit like the tax man!)

  Dumble452 08:02 19 Dec 2007

They craftily increased my level of service cover and would have taken the extra money on the direct debit if I hadn't noticed. When I complained and told them to return my service agreement to the lower level, they wrote to say that they were sorry to hear that I'd cancelled part of my British Gas Home Care agreement!
I've also had them exceeding the 12 months between inspections, but on the other side of the coin, whenever I've needed them they have attended quickly and resolved any problem speedily.

  johnb9 14:58 19 Dec 2007

Thanks dunderheid for tip re Energywatch (as last resort)
Anyone know who does similar complaint service re BT please?

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