British Gas misleading 'offer'.

  Spark6 15:38 07 Dec 2007

A leaflet in today's morning newspaper is headed: Fill your house with free home insulation and save up to £200 on your energy bills year after year.

Too good to be true? Read on.

Inside said leaflet a heading: Who can get free home insulation from British Gas? Followed by: You qualify for free loft and cavity wall insulation if you receive one or more of the benefits listed below.

Eligible benefits: A total of 11 benefits including Council Tax Benefit.

Telephoned them this afternoon, spoke to Annette after listening to some music, only to be told that the 'free' offer applied to those who paid no council tax. This qualification is not mentioned in their leaflet and I should imagine that a number of people will be contacting them and wasting their time and money. It's an 0845 number!

  oresome 15:46 07 Dec 2007

The home insulation grant is a Government initiative and little to do with B.Gas. Many contractors offer the same deal.

Contact you local council who will perhaps be better able to advise on your eligability.

  €dstowe 16:07 07 Dec 2007

After all the publicity and availability of grants for as long as I can remember, I find it difficult to understand, believe even, how anyone does not have an heat insulated house.

  Spark6 16:09 07 Dec 2007

I'm quite aware 'this is purely and simply a Government initiative to make homes as energy efficient as possible and help reduce carbon emissions'.

My gripe is with British Gas and their handout which is NOT helping to reduce carbon emissions and is extremely misleading. Nothing to do with local authorities.

  v1asco 16:19 07 Dec 2007

'cos I don't have the money and don't qualify for a grant.

  wiz-king 16:29 07 Dec 2007

If I had cavity walls I would get them done but my house was built of flint and they didn't do them with cavity walls. Several firms have offered and have surveyed the place when 'we are doing work in your area - and can give you a discount' but so far no one has done the job!
But I have done the loft.

  dunderheid 13:22 10 Dec 2007

I would love to have cavity wall insulation and am eligible for a grant, but when the installers hear I am three flights up they fold their tents and disappear into the night.

One installer was poised to do the work but when the local council who were organising the scheme refused to pay him for hiring a cherry picker he took to the hills!

The funny thing is, the same council can squander hundreds of thousands of pounds, not counting their inflation-proof pensions and extra holidays they are in the process of awarding themselves!

  realist 13:53 10 Dec 2007

Our County Council spent £6.5 million pounds last year on....publicity.

They say it's not their fault, they have to let everyone know what services they offer.

However, the fact is that many services are suffering from a shortage!

  oresome 13:53 10 Dec 2007


You put words in quotation marks as if they were mine. I was merely trying to be helpful.

  Spark6 14:30 10 Dec 2007

My apologies if my quote is attributed to you, it is an extract from the leaflet distributed by British Gas.

What you did state however was: 'The home insulation grant is a Government initiative and little to do with B.Gas. Many contractors offer the same deal'. The leaflet states quite clearly 'British Gas will provide the loft and cavity wall insulation your home needs, as well as the labour, completely free. The only thing you have to do is set aside a little time for our installers to do the work.'

  aine 19:31 10 Dec 2007

log on to warmahome, this government concern, does free assessments, if you comply they arrange all work

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