British Gas Bills - sharp prectice - perhaps maybe?

  SparkyJack 20:30 28 Jun 2012

I Pay a combinbed energy bill on line and am supposed to reieve a prompt payment discount/ I Get a Meter Reading reminder - which I take on the day and pay immediately on line. When I do this there is a promise of a prompt payment discount.

So I paid my April Bill this way.

Yesterday I ditto the June account.

Got notification Submitted gas and elec readings immediately and in due course got the on line bill

A single figure for the combined energy bill.

No mention of prompt payment discount from the last bill.

So I queried it- Where is the discount?

Oh they wrote back that is £3.75 off this bill.

But I wonder, it is easy to say it should have been higher by £3.75 I like to see the working - as my old teacher used to day.

What do you think?

  caccy 21:11 28 Jun 2012

Ask for an itemised bill. This should show the individual gas and electricity prices then the promt payment discount, the sum of the above followed by the [email protected]%. After this will be the total due. Hope this helps

  BT 10:53 29 Jun 2012

I used to get an Email reminder to submit my readings, but this now seems to have been replaced by a Recorded telephone message which I don't always hear because when I pick the phone up to what seems to be a cold call I ring off. It seems that on some occasions these have been British Gas telling me its time to send in my readings.

The Email reminder was much more useful as there was a link to my accounts. Its also impossible so it seems to change back to a paper bill once you have signed up to paperless billing, without jumping through hoops.

  KRONOS the First 11:28 29 Jun 2012

Big business and sharp practice,you cannot be serious. You only have to pick up your daily paper or watch commercial TV to see that every business is really bending over backwards to insure that us 'proles' get the best deals and service.

And then there are the cartels, businesses working together to bring us the best prices etc.EU.

  SparkyJack 11:58 29 Jun 2012

Thank you Chronus for my morning 'laff'

I nearly spilled my coffee in my mirth

  lotvic 12:09 29 Jun 2012

I'm not seeing what the problem is?

Log in on British Gas website and download your itemised bill .pdf

You can also choose how to be reminded phone/email etc.

  KRONOS the First 12:19 29 Jun 2012


You are most welcome.

  cruiser2 15:16 30 Jun 2012

I am with Cop Energy. I do not get a reminder to read my meter. Submit my meter readings every month. My account shows the last four readings and shows how much I have paid and whether I am in credit or owe them money. Also get a rebate every twelve months. It is a UK call center and they have been very helpful when I have phoned them understanding my query and giving me the necessary information quickly and simply. Would recommend them as the account is easy to understand. Has been recommended by Which magazine as a good buy.

  KRONOS the First 15:52 30 Jun 2012

Do you mean Co-op? This one. As I have not heard of them before now.

  Terry Brown 21:11 01 Jul 2012

I use british gas for gas & Electric and I find it easier (and cheaper) to pay by direct debit- that way you get maximkum discounts and don't have the hassle of paying manuually.Work out your annual cost and add 5% (for the first year), divide by 12 and that is the cost of your fuel per month.

After the first full year (or any time between) you can adjust the amount you pay.

as Lotvic says log on to british gas and download the itemised PDF of your bill.


  Zurdo 12:20 03 Jul 2012

British Gas are having troubles with online pdf bill. It can't be downloaded and viewed apparently as I found out yesterday. Previous bills are fine.

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