[DELETED] 08:44 18 May 2004

In another thread click here I commented that, following some very positive feedback from Andrew Smith of Britink, I might test them out.

Last Saturday, I arranged with my father to place an order with Britink. This was done from their website and was for several Epson type cartridges.

The complete order was received this morning and included in the package was a "personalised" note from Andrew Smith thanking me for my order and giving contact email, phone and fax numbers for questions and queries. Also on the letter is a request to pass on details if I am happy with the service received.

Well, in answer to the last, YES! Very happy so far.

I won't be able to collect the cartridges until the weekend but after then I will test them out and continue this thread.

So, Britink, 100% so far!!!


Please note I have NO connection with Britink other than my father being being a customer.

  Stuartli 09:28 18 May 2004

It's good to know that Britink has lived up to the promises made by Andrew Smith in the original thread.

There's no doubt that what could have proved a most unhappy and, it would appear, undeserved slating in that thread could well turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Britink.

Its reputation has not been sullied as was clearly the original intention, but dramatically escalated through the prompt intervention of its representative providing the true facts.

I'm sure the result will be a considerable increase in business provided by PCA forum members - and rightly so.

  spuds 10:30 18 May 2004

Full marks for Britink. Would seem to be a 100% company, especially via the responses on this forum.

As Stuartli as suggested. One bad remark by one person, as led to a future success story for Britink.

  [DELETED] 11:05 18 May 2004

Well i must say i am very pleased with my order and will be ordering again. I would like to thank Latino1707 for giving me the link.

  alB 13:01 19 May 2004

It would appear as though Latino1707 has done Britink and us a huge favour, good companies are hard to find, I hope Andrew Smith keeps in contact with the forum...alB

  [DELETED] 12:59 23 May 2004

OK folks, I have picked up the Britink cartridges and given them a test run.

I am not going to do scientific colour measurements and stuff like that, although I could do, just a visual assessment.

Remember that my business is colour orientated and I have a very acute and critical colour perception.

Having said all that, I have printed some test charts and some photographs on an Epson R200 using genuine Epson cartridges and Britink compatible cartridges.

I have to say there is a difference between the two BUT this difference is extremely minor. For all intents and purposes, even close examination of the test prints would only show differences to someone who is trained to see them and actually looking for them. Side by side, there is little difference.

I showed the prints to my father, my brother, his daughters and his wife. They were unable to consistently give correct differentiation in comparing one against another.

So, another success for Britink!!!

I should point out again that I have no interest in, or connection with, Britink apart from being a customer.


  spuds 13:03 23 May 2004

Edstowe-- How did the cartridge prices compare, with the likes of other compatible companies.Value for Value!.

  [DELETED] 15:10 23 May 2004

About half price. The cartridges for the R200 were £4·99 each. Viking direct are selling at £8·99.


  [DELETED] 15:12 23 May 2004

Should have said that Viking are the Epson cartridges, not compatibles.

  [DELETED] 13:38 24 May 2004

Just caught up with this (and related threads) - interesting stuff. I had noticed their ad. in PCA and was toying with giving them a try - will definitely do so now!

  [DELETED] 14:16 24 May 2004

I perhaps should also have emphasised that my comments are based on empirical tests on one set of Epson compatible cartridges although I have no reason to believe that others will be less successful.


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