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  joe-69 17:36 18 Apr 2007

Has anybody had dealings or caurse for concern regarding the optional service cover with brighthouse. Although they say its optional it isnt as they incourage it and force it on customers by putting it in agreements giving customers little choice. Should you have no reason for this service cover or not use it you loose all the money paid on that agreement and thiers no incentives for no use of it.

Ive been a customer 5 years and have lost over £5.000 paid in this way and not received anything back all this money is going to thier proffits and customers are loosing this money.

I am mounting a legal callange against the owners of Brighthouse and would welcome other customers coments.

  minieri 11:33 01 Sep 2007

I've just had a letter from a debt collection agency demanding payment of an outstanding debt to Crazy Georges. Problem is - I've never dealt with Crazy Georges or Brighthouse. This should be interesting.

  lefthooker_uk 20:40 19 Dec 2007

Brighthouse “Optional” Service Cover agreements are underwritten by Brighthouse parent company, Caversham Finance, and are added to your hire purchase agreement as an additional weekly payment.

You should cancel any “Optional” Service Cover policies you have now! Because:

a) the service cover was most likely applied automatically without giving you the option to choose whether you required it or not, and

b) the service cover is extremely over-priced and represents very poor value for money when compared to a typical manufacturer’s own extended warranty as the following examples show.

Hewlett Packard Extended Warranty - Available upon registering a new Hewlett Packard product or at the end of the manufacturer’s 12 month guarantee period

A single one off payment of £88.99 which provides an additional 2 years of cover to the initial 12 months guarantee period, giving a total of 3 years cover. This cover includes collection and return, all parts and labour and a brand new replacement product if any repair is not completed within 28 days

Caversham Finance (Trading as Brighthouse) “optional” service cover

104 weekly payments of £5.77 (total £600.08) providing service cover for the 2-year duration of the agreement. (As Hewlett Packard guarantees all new products for the first twelve months regardless, this figure only represents one year of actual extended service cover. The cost of this cover is extortionate and, quite simply, cannot be justified.

Of course, “Optional” Service Cover isn’t really service cover at all. Everyone knows that all new products are subject to a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty, (which, of course, is in addition to your statutory rights – SUPPLY OF GOODS (IMPLIED TERMS) 1974 in regard to hire purchase agreements) and any volume purchaser like Brighthouse will be able to negotiate massive discounts with outside service agents for any repairs that may occur at other times. No. “Optional” Service Cover is really a thinly disguised payment protection plan that protects the interests of Brighthouse and NOT you!

Brighthouse also appear somewhat confused over the word “optional.” My interpretation (having studied their terms and conditions) is that service cover is an “option” to purchase at the time of the initial agreement and cancellation thereafter will require 7 days notice. However, Brighthouse will say “optional” means the option not to purchase the service cover can only be exercised at the time of the initial agreement and, furthermore, cannot be removed thereafter!

This is a complete lie. Service cover is optional and can be removed. Of course, an attempt remove it will invoke fierce resistance from Brighthouse! Store managers have been briefed by their area managers regarding this “growing problem” as more and more customers are getting wise and seeing through the con that this service cover is! You can thank forums like this one for that!

To remove optional service cover from your agreement(s), put a request in writing to your store (and to head office). Once this has been done the store has to comply with your request. Quote your terms and conditions:

“Your Obligations: Optional Service Cover
Section C (b) The service cover premium is renewable each time your regular instalment is due under the agreement. If the premium is not paid Service Cover will lapse.

Section H (3) This policy shall continue in force until you give seven days notice…”

You may also like to quote this extract from a transcript of the BBC 4 programme, “Money Box.”

“BrightHouse is the trading name of a company in Reading, Caversham Finance Limited. It refused requests for an interview, but in a statement said:

STATEMENT: All charges, terms and obligations in every agreement we make with our customers are explained in easily understood language in a personal presentation in store before the agreement is signed. We then test customers on their understanding of the agreement. The optional insurances offered and accepted by this customer were clearly explained and the customer had every opportunity to cancel either at the start of the agreement or at any time during it…”


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