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  joe-69 17:36 18 Apr 2007

Has anybody had dealings or caurse for concern regarding the optional service cover with brighthouse. Although they say its optional it isnt as they incourage it and force it on customers by putting it in agreements giving customers little choice. Should you have no reason for this service cover or not use it you loose all the money paid on that agreement and thiers no incentives for no use of it.

Ive been a customer 5 years and have lost over £5.000 paid in this way and not received anything back all this money is going to thier proffits and customers are loosing this money.

I am mounting a legal callange against the owners of Brighthouse and would welcome other customers coments.

  Stuartli 18:10 18 Apr 2007

Not a company I think I would wish to having any dealings with judging by its website:

click here

  LABMAN 19:01 18 Apr 2007

Brighthouse and it's like aim squarely at the less well off members of our society allowing them the chance to purchase to goods that are unavailable to them by any other means.

Unfortunately as they run little or no credit checks you end up paying through the nose for the privellege of this.

  Stuartli 23:00 18 Apr 2007

>>They are grossly overpriced and anyone charging 29.9% APR (typical) should be not given any business.>>

I would agree, but don't forget that many top name stores charge or have charged similar rates on their own store cards...:-)

  €dstowe 08:47 19 Apr 2007

Yes, indeed but store cards are intended for people more able to pay the high rates. I would never suggest store cards either - instead of the vulnerable, store cards target the greedy.

Also with store cards, the stores involved, more often than not, sell their goods at a lower price than those offered by Brighthouse.

  oresome 17:55 23 Apr 2007

I noted in the weekend press an advert for Jessops.

A camera with a cash price of £499.99 had a final cost of £925.56 on credit with a typical 29.8% APR.

  retf0rd 23:00 09 Jun 2007

I have taken time to read your posts, but I think none of you have actually looked into what you are all talking about.

I have taken the time to look further into this, reference the 29.9%APR if you look at ARGOS DIXONS COMET only to name a few offer the same APR.

Now for the next concern the credit check if you look on the web-site there are no credit checks so you can’t get refused for bad or good credit checks as there is none in place.

Now for the higher total payable which you are all talking about the price after the cash price, this will include 29.9%APR which they do not try and hide like your other high street retailers the other two charges in there are your service cover which means if they can not fix the item they will replace it within a set amount of days and the other cost in there is the damage liability cover.

  €dstowe 06:45 10 Jun 2007

Whether or not you buy from any particular company is entirely up to you. If you feel comfortable giving such large amounts of money away, go ahead, whether that be to Brighthouse, Argos, Dixons, Comet or whatever.

Personally, I would never buy anything on credit with such a high rate of interest.

  Forum Editor 18:24 10 Jun 2007

but still I have to say it. We do not permit posts that exhort other forum users to avoid a supplier. I've just deleted two posts that did exactly that.

  ANDYECA 10:19 21 Aug 2007

Message to all who have stated against knowledge in this article.

i worked for BRIGHTHOUSE for nearly 7 yeras and i can state that although i did not leave my employment on the best of terms - brighthouse was probably the best place of employment i have ever worked for........and this is because of the customer knowledge that i gained.

i also know a lot about the product services etc that they offer and i would like to say to Joe first of all, each and every customer - prior to signing any agreement, has the whole aggreement read to them - not missing out the small print - like a few un named places, so that each an every customer is given the opportunity to take advantage of service cover and damageliability cover. oh and by the way customers do gain an advangtage because if they have had a product from new and they sign for another 'like' agreement afterwards - they save (if i remember correctly) upto 30% of their service cover the next time round.

and to the other posts, yes i agree this company bases itself at prompoting its products towards people who maybe cannot afford to go out and pay cash for them outright - all i will say is that people are not coached into buying - they buy by choice and are given the same cash price as the persons who can afford to pay that!

i think that if people on here have come to criticise, then first of all - at least go and do some research.

  bradley askew 17:01 28 Aug 2007

re' optional cover premiums

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