danielleknox85 19:13 15 Oct 2006


i purchased only because i couldnt afford them i got a laptop and a 3n2 seater leather sofas,

the laptop went all funny after a month ( i had optional service cover on it ) they took it away told me it wud be 4 weeks i continued payin for it for the time it was away which ended up draggin to 7, i was that angry at them i told them i no longered wanted it and i wanted a desktop instead which i got.

i then purchased sofas from them which when they delivered i didnt notice they were teared on the bottom must ov been of when they guys where gettin them into my house i wasnt happy i was told some one wud repair it 44 months later no 1 has been. im sick and tired and angry., i have never missed a payment with these either, im callin them up tomoro to see if they will take it back and i can geta different 1. i hv optional service cover on this too so i dont see y not...they did with my computer...

id say brighthouse were crap, staff are lovely but company crap..

n e advice to me what rights i should hv?

love daniellexxx

  spuds 19:19 15 Oct 2006

Danielle, you have many consumer rights, especially as you have a finance agreement as well. Telephone Consumer Direct click here or go to your local trading standards or consumer advice office.

  danielleknox85 19:23 15 Oct 2006

thats solved my problem already thanks xxxx

  Forum Editor 19:40 15 Oct 2006

that nobody has been to do the repair 44 months later, or was it a typing error, and should it have been 4 months?

  danielleknox85 19:42 15 Oct 2006

yeah typing error . 4 months later hahaha. im also not happy with the quality of the leather its awfull u can see itswearin away real bad and ive looked after it really well tooo..

rip offs..

  €dstowe 21:11 15 Oct 2006
  hijo 16:56 16 Oct 2006

AVOID AVOID AVOID...i was sooo desperate 2 yrs ago for a new pc that i went into the HULL store & nearly got scammed by them....they said there pc HAD to have there insurance cover ALTHOUGH i had full accidental cover & new for old but they insisted that i had to have it or they wouldnt do business...the pc i was looking @ had a p4/512mb i think a 3ghz proccessor & wasnt the best of makes either & they wanted something STUPID like £1100 for a pc that should realy cost £450-600 MAX...there was other issues i didnt agree with & in the end i backed out of the deal BUT complained to them via email,this was 2 yrs ago iam STILL waiting to hear from them...!!!

  hijo 17:02 16 Oct 2006

the final price of the desktop/pc was (without the insurance) £1900 more or less OR £2200 with......ripoff..!!! whilst i was in the store a woman who wasnt to happy started to shout @ one of the members of staff,i wasnt too amused but i was at the other end of the store..& she was realy shouting telling customers NOT to buy from them..!!! looking back i wish i had of asked her whats wrong....

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