Brennan has any one got one

  Newuser2 15:16 01 Dec 2010

Has anyone got one of these click here and if so what are your experiences on them good or bad.

  iambeavis 15:55 01 Dec 2010

A review of one - click here

  interzone55 16:29 01 Dec 2010

I'd like to hear of people's experiences as well, they look good, but too good to be true?

  Newuser2 14:31 02 Dec 2010

The few independent reviews I've seen rave about them.

  iscanut 16:26 02 Dec 2010

Watching with interest as I am keen but would prefer to get some info from a user !

  morddwyd 19:39 02 Dec 2010

Me too!

  interzone55 09:25 03 Dec 2010

Looks like loads of people are interested, but nobody has actually got one...

  morddwyd 20:09 03 Dec 2010

Bit like the iPad then!

(No, please don't tell me you've got one and it's wonderful)

  iscanut 10:26 04 Dec 2010

I have never seen an I Pad and don't know anyone with one. Do they exist ?

  Newuser2 09:49 05 Dec 2010

May be I should ask Brennan for commission.

  bremner 10:26 05 Dec 2010

At £370 it seems very expensive.

I have all my CD's ripped to my computer. I then have an Apple TV unit connected to my surround sound system and TV.

Over my wi-fi I can play everything on the computer through the 5.1 system and at £99 it is considerably cheaper than the Brennan

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