Breathe Server Problems - Whom to Sue?

  Taff™ 10:16 14 Apr 2007

Perhaps an over reaction but after 10 days without access to my personal e-mails I am pretty fed up! See my thread in Helproom click here Without any prior warning and a lack of accurate information since the problem started I am seriously considering the mammoth task of informing over 800 contacts that my e-mail address will be changing.

I`ve had a PAYG account with Breathe since last millenium when they first started and it was my first e-mail address that I used for personal e-mails.

My question is, and probably just to vent my anger, who can I complain to? What legal or consumer rights do Breathe customers have in this appalling mess? Note that it`s not just Breathe since they also own BlueCarrots,,, &

  wee eddie 11:07 14 Apr 2007

You are joking.

Who to pay the Lawyers fees?

  spuds 12:12 14 Apr 2007

With wee eddie on that one. It ain't cheap to sue someone, even if you think that you have a cast iron case.

You could try the following links for possible free advice Ofcom click here ISPA click here Otelo click here Consumer Direct click here Trading Standards click here

  Dizzy Bob 12:55 14 Apr 2007

Why not register a domain for yourself, ie., you can then have that as your published email address, with catch all email forwarding to the mailbox of your choice.

This means that if you change ISP, all you have to do is forward your emails to your new POP email.

Your contacts still send emails to [email protected] so there is much less disruption.

Try 123.reg for a start, this will also help you check which doamins are available.

Not much help in your current situation, but may be of help in the future if you find yourself with the same problem in the future.


  Taff™ 08:56 15 Apr 2007

Yes it was a tongue in cheek comment that reflects the frustration. Thanks for the links to ISPA & Otelo - may be worth following up.

Dizzy Bob has the right answer though - I should have done that a couple of years ago when I set up my business domain. If I had chosen Breathe to host that domain I would in real trouble by now! I doubt they would have been able to transfer my account to another ISP within 10 days of my request.

Perhaps PCA should run a story on this one.

  Forum Editor 09:09 15 Apr 2007

should be running a mailbox on an independent domain. I certainly wouldn't be using an ISP email address for the quantity of mail that sort of address book would generate.

There are always two ways of looking at problems like this.

1. Is there anything I can constructively do that will stop the rot right now?

2. Do I want to spend time and money trying to get some form of satisfaction from the people who caused the problem in the first place?

The answer to question 1. is yes - register a domain name with a decent host, and have your own mailbox up and running within 48 hours. I've done it for clients on my own reseller acount many times.

As far as question 2, goes - only you can decide that. My attitude would be to walk away from the problem as fast as possible and get on with life.

  Taff™ 10:12 15 Apr 2007

Sound Advice and rest assured I won`t be wasting a great deal of effort on Breathe. I`ll look into your suggestion and set up a personal domain.

The 800 contacts are perhaps a bit misleading. I have probably 250 personal one`s but then there is a Society which I administer that has 350 members - in theory they should all contact me at least once a year. Contacts at the clubs we serve total a further 300+ to whom I send information in the form of e-bulletins or newsletters. The latter is typically one way however I do get quite a few replies on some of the subject matter.

I do have a concern about avoiding spam listing when I send out these mass e-mailings - any advice would be gratefully received.

  Colin 10:38 15 Apr 2007

Not wanting to hijack this post, but does anyone have recommendations of a decent host for domain names as per the FE's post?

  Dizzy Bob 11:51 15 Apr 2007


As mentioned in my previous post, i find 123-reg, click here very good. I have used them for a number of years, with several domains, with absolutely no problems. They have also always been very efficient when it comes to renewal, with good communications.

There is a domain name finder on the home page.


  spuds 12:23 15 Apr 2007


I have used 1&1 for quite a number of domains etc,over a number of years without any problems. Perhaps worth giving them a browse! click here

  Kate B 12:44 15 Apr 2007

Bit more expensive but this is the one I use click here - the owner provides pretty much a boutique service and will sort stuff out for you personally and quickly. Worth every penny.

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