brand new printers supplied with non genuine ink cartridges

  Number six 22:38 24 Sep 2012

I recently bought a new Canon printer from one of Amazon's "marketplace" retailers. On setting up and installing the ink cartridges, I was surprised to find that it had been supplied with non-genuine cartriges. A little research revealed this to be a fairly common practise, at least amongst Amazon's linked retailers, who apparently open the packing, remove the supplied Canon cartridges, and replace them with compatible ones before dispatch. Even though at this stage I have no way of comparing image quality with that which could be acheived with genuine ones, the printer seems to work OK.

Two thoughts occur to me: Because the value of these cartridges is about £30 less than genuine ones, the discount price value is almost completely wiped out, and secondly, is this practise actually legal?

  Number six 00:31 25 Sep 2012

Have e-mailed Amazon; awaiting reply.

  spuds 10:46 25 Sep 2012

There is nothing illegal about this practise, providing the advert didn't state that Canon cartridges would be supplied.

As you have already stated and noted, this practise of supplying compatibles is not unknown, and there are various reasons for this.

Canon might object if you went back to them for a warranty claim, and they found compatible print cartridges had been used, and not their own more expensive products.

I assume that you purchased the printer at a 'bargain price' and perhaps not at the maximum price the item is being sold at on the open market?.

  onthelimit1 11:20 25 Sep 2012

Another point is that many manufactureres now supply only partially filled cartridges with a new machine. Cynical me says that this is to improve the profit margin by requiring purchasers to need to buy new cartridges at inflated prices soon after purchase.

  morddwyd 20:19 25 Sep 2012

If I bought a brand new car I'd be damned annoyed to find out that the garage had removed the original brake pads and replaced them with some cheapo untraceable alternatives, discount price or not!

  Number six 00:42 26 Sep 2012


As stated, printer purchased from one of Amazon's "shopfront" retailers, at the standard on-line price offered by numerous retailers. Certainly not "bargain price". Could you elaborate as to the "numerous reasons" for this practise of swapping out ink tanks?


Exactly my point, well put!

  [email protected] 13:04 26 Sep 2012

The seller will no doubt be selling the cartridges on for a tidy profit, and some unsuspecting buyer will be paying a lot of money for only partially filled cartridges.

Personally I'd be returning the printer or asking for the original cartridges back. If the item is advertised as being brand new then you can expect to receive it as originally packaged unless stated otherwise which I assume it was not.

  Number six 23:15 26 Sep 2012

[email protected]:

I have no doubt the seller is selling on the Canon tanks, I notice they have now dropped the price of the printer by another £6.


I am sure you will be OK buying from Amazon direct, I doubt they would indulge in such devious practises.

I have now emailed the actual seller directly to see what they have to say.

  spuds 17:31 27 Sep 2012

Number six

You have done the correct thing by contacting the seller, because they would be the only people who would have the answer to your question.

Amazon Market Place like eBay have a variety of seller's, ranging from individual's to larger retail outlets who want to sell goods, and each have their own methods of how they obtain and sell the items.

Stocks can be supplied via Store or Customer Returns, Clearance, Overstocks, Discontinued Models and possibly refurbishment. The method of supply and contents or condition should be stated in any advertising.

A typical example would be 'grey' products, like is often seen with cameras, and purchaser's only become aware of this, when making a warranty claim.

  Number six 22:28 27 Sep 2012

Reply from sellers, claiming that they fit their own brand of ink tanks as a method of promotion, these being, in their opinion, better and cheaper than the originals. Also offered refund or replacement if still not happy.

  Woolwell 12:49 28 Sep 2012

So they open the box, remove the supplied cartridges and replace with their own. What else have they done? In their opinion they may be better but are they? I would want replacement and would not buy from them again.

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