Brand new Lenovo - 2 stuck pixels

  SophieM18 19:01 03 Sep 2017

As soon as I finished setting up my brand new lenovo laptop i noticed that it had stuck red pixels. This is so frustrating, I've tried all the pixel fixers with all the flashing screens etc and the applying pressure method. Is this an acceptable reason for returning? Is there any leniency at all with things like this? Can anyone think of any other methods of fixing them?

  wee eddie 19:24 03 Sep 2017

High on your list of things to do is to do should be to read through the Warranty and any T&Vs that they have on their website

  Forum Editor 19:50 03 Sep 2017

How long have you had this machine? if it's less than 14 days and you bought online, you can return it to the seller for a full refund under the terms of the 2014 Consumer Contracts regulations. Don't let the seller tell you that you have to take the matter up with Lenovo - you don't.

If you bought in a shop, you can return the computer within six months of the date of purchase, and the law assumes that the fault existed at the time of purchase, unless the seller can prove otherwise. If you tried the machine in the shop, and it was fine you don't have a claim on the seller, but you may still get somewhere with the manufacturer. Lenovo has a published policy on faulty pixels.

  Forum Editor 19:58 03 Sep 2017

I'm moving your thread from Tech Helproom to Consumer Rights Advice.

  SophieM18 20:06 03 Sep 2017

I've had it for 2 days, I will be going into store tomorrow. Thank you!

  Forum Editor 22:22 03 Sep 2017

Perhaps you'll let us know how you get on?

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