Brand New Dell Laptop Keeps shutting down

  teddybear154 16:37 28 Aug 2009


I purchased a Dell Inspiration 1750 Laptop on Monday afternoon. So I have had it 4 day. Today I have noticed that there is a problem with the built in memory card reader and it is causing the laptop to keep shutting down and re starting. What is happening is that when I put memory card in it works fine and reads the memory card fine and I can save to memory card etc. But when I take the memory card out of the laptop I imediatley get a blue error screen and then the laptop shuts down and reboots. It happens every time and I have tried diferent types of memory card ( Sd, XD, Memory stick pro)and they are all types that are supported but the same thing happens so I know it isn't a fault with my memory cards as they all read fine on my other computer. Today is the first time I have tried the memory card reader so did not pick up on this problem until today.What could be causing this. Is it the built in memory card reader that is faulty or is it a software p like with the drivers or some thing. Also as I have only had the laptop 4 day do you think I can take it back to get this problem fixed. I purchased it from pc World. I know that they say that the warrenty does not cover software problems but would this problem be covered. I did take out Pc world extra cover as well so would this problem be cover with this. I did also think about contacting dell directly but went to there support section they have 2 different telephone numbers one for hardware faults and one for more software types of problems. I did not know which to phone. Any advice as to what I should do or as to what the problem could be would be much appreciated.

Thanks In advance

  canarieslover 16:48 28 Aug 2009

4 days old I would not hesitate to take it back. The longer you delay, the less the chance of getting a quick solution to the problem. They start asking "Why didn't you bring it back sooner if it has been troublesome?" If you try to correct it yourself without knowing what is really wrong then you may give yourself even more aggravation as they will end up saying that it is your fault as you should have left it to the experts.

  teddybear154 18:38 28 Aug 2009

I have tried again and before removing the memory card I went in to my computer and clicked on memory card then clicked safely remove hardware. the moment I clicked that I got the blue error screen and it shut down and then it restarted. This is before I even removed memory card. I have also just discovered that it isn't just memory cards doing this. I just tried to conect a mp3 player up via usb and then my psp by usb and even a usb mouse. and the same thing happend as soon as I disconect them I get a blue error message screen and the computer shuts down. whats wrong and should I take it back to shop.

  papa lazarous 18:59 28 Aug 2009

It certainly sounds faulty but just to be sure the best thing to do would be to run a full Dell recovery to a) eliminate the possibility of a software fault and b) to remove all personal data from the unit before returning it.
Power on the PC and tap F8, choose 'Repair My Computer' and then choose to run a Dell Factory Restore.
If the recovery solves the problem then great, if it doesn't then it is definitely a hardware fault and there should be no issues with exchanging the unit at the place of purchase.

  Silverworm 02:48 31 Aug 2009

Mine did the exact same thing today. I have a dell studio which I bought a few weeks ago from their website. Tried using a memory stick and as soon as in removed it I got a blue screen, and then it restarted. Also tried to click 'remove safely' which also triggered it. Weird thing is I used my memory stick to transfer files a few weeks ago and it worked fine. I really hope that it is a windows vista problem and not a problem with the laptop.

One thing I did notice was that the device seemed to be read by the computer as a hard drive, and not as an removable external device. Not entirely sure on this though and I don't really want to have another look :/

  Silverworm 02:58 31 Aug 2009

Nevermind ignore that last bit, just tried it again. I just remembered that I used the right USB port last time when it worked fine and the left port today when it crashed so I tried he right side again, but still crashed.

  Silverworm 05:50 31 Aug 2009

Ok I think I have managed to fix it somehow. After a bit if googling I found that a recent windows update (KB973879) caused computers to show blue screen and reboot 10-20 minutes after it had booted up. Ok slightly different to our problem, but I uninstalled the update in safe mode anyway.

I also reformatted my memory stick, and now the problem seems to have been fixed.

I don't know which one it was that fixed it, so if you could tell me what happens after you try one of these I would be grateful.

I am so glad that it wasn't a faulty laptop problem!

  teddybear154 17:39 31 Aug 2009

I also did some research after posting this post and read about the windows (KB973879) update causing problems. I uninstalled this update and it fixed the problem staight away no more blue error screens or restarting. The laptop seems fine now. My only question now is how do I stop the laptop from trying to download & re install this update again when windows performs windows Automatic updates.
I don't want the same problem to happen again. Im glad it wasn't my laptop that faulty too


  peugeot man 20:46 31 Aug 2009

Great thread I'm sure this helped a lot of people.
I see that Microsoft have removed this update from the download centre

See here
click here

  iscanut 21:08 31 Aug 2009

You can hide updates thus stopping them from being selected for download and auto install. Get back to us if you want to know how to do this.

  iscanut 21:12 31 Aug 2009

If you need to know how to hide, have a look here click here

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