Brand New Customers Only.

  GRIDD 08:37 02 Sep 2008

I want HD tv and I am in the position of having a standard subscription to both Virgin and Sky. At the minute it is the below charges....

Sky for a subscriber:

Install £60
HD Box £150
HD Mix £10 per month

Virgin V+ for a subscriber:

Install £0
V+ Box £150
V+ Sub £5 per month

I work for M&S and they have a poster up for employess to quote a code to sky and get install, box and a years full subscription half price but you've guessed it.... Brand New Customers only.

Grrr. My new plan is to phone up and complain to retentions and threaten to leave one for the other... I wish we hadn't got to do this and that they rewarded loyalty in it's own right.

  GRIDD 08:45 02 Sep 2008

Virgin are now £75 as I already have XL TV with them. I wonder if Sky will match it.

  GRIDD 09:08 02 Sep 2008

After being passed about on Sky the result with them is:

£99 for the box if I take Multi-room for £10 a month (already have virgin upstairs so don't need that)
HD mix £10
Install charge of £60

Virgin is looking more favourable on cost basis alone.

  GRIDD 09:49 02 Sep 2008

Well result is I'm now a Virgin VIP.

Free install.
Free V+ Box
Free normal box upstairs
All the movies and sports
Unlimited phone service
Max broadband
and some other things for £86 per month.

Then Sky at £22 makes my total outlay £108 per month.

  Dart Echo 11:28 02 Sep 2008

>>> I wish we hadn't got to do this and that they rewarded loyalty in it's own right. <<<

Loyalty has no meaning these days, it is a word that is well past its use by date, it's out of fashion, something that belongs to the past... it's 2009, time to move on :0)

  mfoord 11:34 02 Sep 2008

Interestingly when I phoned T-Mobile to cancel my contract they put me through to the 'loyalty department'. They were actually quite helpful though...

  GRIDD 11:34 02 Sep 2008

It seems with Virgin it does as they state the offer I got is open to existing customers and I think you've moved on too fast.... I'm still in 2008 ;)

I'm miffed at not having Sky1 HD but awk well.

  interzone55 17:13 02 Sep 2008

£1435.50 a year for TV - you must be mad...

  GRIDD 18:48 02 Sep 2008

it's not just TV.

ßeta I'm hoping it will improve but the real advantage will be in faster internet as I am currently on the slowest package. I was looking for a PVR too as my dvd recorder has almost given up the ghost. I'm excited at the ability to record two other channels and watch one at the same time :)) The other HD channels will come on eventually.

I'd have happily taken up SKY HD but they seem intent in punishing their existing customer base with higher charges. I have been with them numerous years, the satelite was already on our premises when we moved here over 5 years ago so I can't see why they couldn't treat us well. Even if we leave it's classed as returning and still a "no" to the reduced prices.

Once the Stargate Atlantis series ends I will turn Sky off....

  Stuartli 00:14 03 Sep 2008

It does, it would appear.

I had a call from TalkTalk (Carphone Warehouse) today, which has been my ISP since April 2006, offering me the next two months at half the normal monthly charge of £20.50 (AnyTime International 3 package) or a half-price router.

I pointed out that I didn't have any intention of switching to another ISP and that the original 18 month contract finished a while ago.

However, the representative said that the offer still stood, so I accepted the half-price offer in return for another 18 months contract.

In view of the staggering financial savings I've enjoyed since first joining TalkTalk, to be offered even more monetary reward is excellent news..:-)

I can still change my mind if I wish.

  ened 06:39 03 Sep 2008

Recently I took up the CPH/AOL Laptop offer and various friends of mine in the area who are already with AOL had absolutely no joy in getting one.

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