Brand new Advent Laptop dies after 3 weeks

  teddybear154 21:20 12 Oct 2008

I purchased a Brand new Advent 5311 Laptop from PC World Just under 3 weeks ago. I was very happy with it and it was working fine until tonight. I was in the middle of typing a word document when laptop made a srange beeping sound, The screen went funny and some error messages came up. Then straight away the laptop shut down. Now it won't re boot up. The battery was fully charged and at the time I was actually running laptop on mains.Is it ok to just take laptop back to The PC World store I purchased it from. Or do I need to contact and send it some where else Like the manufactureer for example. Its just I know some shops wont except laptops or computers back even if faulty. They tell you to contact manufacture. I had a experience onece before with a laptop I bought from dixions. It died after 1 week and they would not do any thing about it they just kept telling me to contact manufacture. And when I contacted manufacture they told me to take it back to the store I bought it from. I ended up in a visious circle with no one wanting to help me. Eventually dixions replaced laptop. I don't want to go through this again. I want to take laptop back to shop in the morning but want to know what my rigths are. Do I have to accept them reapairing it or can I demand a replacement as I have had it for so little time. I don't really want it just repaired. I would rather a replacement.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Thanks In advance

  joka007 22:20 12 Oct 2008

what messages do you get when you boot up?

chances are recovery is all that you need doing!

if not then either way its under 28 day old, if a fault has been proven then pcworld should exchange it for you, dont go out shouting or ranting or whatever!

  spuds 22:26 12 Oct 2008

Your contract is with PC World and not the manufacturer, and you should in the first instant, return the laptop to them for resolving any issues, especially if the product is only three weeks old.

PC World will no doubt tell you to contact the manufacturer, but you do not have to do this under UK consumer law. But having said that, sometimes it is quicker to get a repair if the manufacturer becomes involved, because PCW may not have the facilities for repairs. But they could well provide a replacement. But only allow contact with the manufacturer, with PC Worlds written approval and at their expense if carriage charges are requested.

When you purchased the item, you should have had a receipt with all the warranty details should things go wrong. Have you checked the receipt!.

For further advice contact click here

  teddybear154 22:27 12 Oct 2008

When I try to re boot the laptop switches on and the advent screen appear, Then its says there was a start up error and can not boot windows. It then gives me 2 options. 1 to start recovery tool or 2 start windows normally. I have clicked start recovery tool and it just freezes. I have also tried clicking start windows normally and it starts booting then the screen goes black, then flashes blue then goes back to advent screen and won't boot up. I have also tried the recovery discs but they won't work. It starts reading recovery disc and then the laptop freezes

  teddybear154 22:29 12 Oct 2008

Also I have checked reciept and it doesnt say any thing about what to do if laptop goes wrong and does not have any warrenty details

  spuds 22:31 12 Oct 2008

Take the complete unit with any supplied disc's back to PC World, and let their Tech Guys have a look at it.

  birdface 22:55 12 Oct 2008

You get 1 years warranty with a new laptop.

  Forum Editor 23:46 12 Oct 2008

and explain the problem to them. You do not need to contact the manufacturer, and PC World cannot (and will not) ask you to do that. The store may say that they would like their technical people to take a look at the machine, and you should allow them to do that, provided they do it whilst you wait - don't be drawn into a situation where the computer is retained for later inspection.

If there's a hardware fault the law assumes that it was there on the date the machine was purchased, and you should tell PC World that you are rejecting the computer.

Tell them that you want a replacement machine.

  spuds 10:53 13 Oct 2008

You stand to be corrected in your comment "PC World cannot (and will not) ask you to do that".

I have had personal experience of this, and if you follow up comments in this forum, you will find that other people have had similar experiences, plus others experiences besides.

Yes PC World have obligations within consumer law, but they do not always follow this, depending of course, the person you deal with, and the training they have received!.

  DrATty 11:22 13 Oct 2008

Take a few pictures of our laptop before taking it in. Experience tells me that it's best to have evidence of the laptop's condition before letting anyone have a look. Not PCWorld, I hasten to add.

  teddybear154 14:51 13 Oct 2008

I went back to PC World this Morning. One of the tech guys had a look and first said that windows vista needed to be re installed and that if I waited he would do it. About 45 minutes later he came back to see me and said that he had been un able to re install windows vista. And that it was a software problem rather than a hardware problem. He then went on to acuse me of doing some thing to laptop by downloading and installing some thing and corupting it. I had not downloaded or installed any thing that might have damaged laptop the only thing I installed after getting laptop were Microsoft office 2007. Which purchased from pc world, Motzilla firefox, Motzilla thunderbird & my printer drivers and software. He then said because it was a software problem its not covered under garantee. He refused to repair or replace laptop. And wanted to send me on my way with faulty laptop. I demanded to speak to the manager and after a lot of argueing they agreed to replace the laptop. I was then told in a very rude way that if this one does the same thing, Don't bother to bring it back as they will not look at it, repair or replace it unless I take out there extra cover which costs £7.99 a month. They said that if I take out the extra cover then it will cover every thing including software problems. They wanted me to sign up there and then for the monthy cover. I said I would take a leaflet and think about it.

Firstly if it was just a software problem surely they would have still been able to reinstall windows vista. The fact that they were unable to re install windows vista doesn't this indicate that there was perhaps more than just a software problem.

Also are they correct about it not being covered under garantee. Or are they just saying that to make more money out of by making me take out monthly cover.

I am really worried that the same thing is going to happen again to the new replacement laptop and if it does then im going to be stuffed.

Should I take out the extra monthly cover or not. Any advice would be much apreciated. One other thing that was a joke is that they refused to recover my data from laptop unless I paid £100.

So I lost alot of my data. I had backed up some but not the stuff from the last week.

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