Bouquet, not a brickbat!

  Chris the Ancient 10:37 22 Dec 2003

I recently ordered and bought a second-user IBM ThinkPad 600 from LaptopShop at

click here

I ordered it on the Friday. It was despatched the same day and arrived first thing on the Monday morning via DHL.

I did not expect perfection in a second-user item, but it was close. Unfortunately, the battery completely and utterly died the same night I received it. I know these things can happen - and anyway the battery had a 3-month warranty.

I phoned LaptopShop Tuesday morning, discussed the symptoms and we came to a mutual agreement that the battery had completely and utterly done a 'Norwegian Blue Parrot' on me. I was told that as I had only just received the computer that they would not wait until they received the old one first, but that they would immediately despatch a replacement. (But please send the old one back! And I did.)

A replacement battery was received the following morning by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

The lappie has been working fine ever since.

Now that's what I call service.


  vinnyT 11:22 22 Dec 2003

Nice, that's how it should be done. Often it's not the fault (these things happen) that causes animosity, but the way it is dealt with.

  Chris the Ancient 11:41 22 Dec 2003


  bfoc 12:44 22 Dec 2003

But what really counts is how well it is dealt with.

Glad to see a bouquet and will remember the LaptopShop.


  Chris the Ancient 19:41 22 Dec 2003

...that it was the lack of hassle and general understanding that made it nice.

Being a gloomy sort of so-and-so, I fully expected all sorts of hassle over the battery. But there wasn't. Just excellent, prompt and friendly service.

Now to get a statement like that out of me...

I just wish we got more positives in this forum ;o)


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