Bought Xp upgrade instead of full version.....

  craig367 07:47 09 May 2006

from PC World. The price sticker on front completely obscures the word upgrade (thought it was cheap for pc world). If I take it back, do you think I could get a refund as opposed to a credit note? I also bought a graphics card £150 and a new pc case which I need to take back anyway as screws to case don't screw in properly. Or are they pretty strict regarding refunds. All paid for by credit card if that makes any difference.

  spuds 08:48 09 May 2006

If the item is evidently faulty, then I tend to find that PCW will do an exchange or refund. Don't go in there with gun's blazing as this will course more harm than good, politeness is the message of the day. Regarding the sticker incident, this seems to be a failure with PCW at times, as to where the sticker is placed, and I agree that I have witnessed this on 'upgrade' boxes. I do not think this is intentional,more of an oversight. If the box as not been unopened, and the seals intact, so that the item can be offered for resale, then you should fair reasonably well. Remember that PCW like to see the original receipts, before considering any action. Surprising the amount of people who turn up with guns blazing, no receipts, and because they think PCW are partly to blame for the error, demand immediate satisfaction.

Would suggest that you could have got a better priced deal from someone like Ebuyer, PCW are not the cheapest for certain items.

  craig367 09:31 09 May 2006

Yes box is unopened. Funny habit I have is to peel the price sticker off before I open stuff - strange person I know. Had only half peeled the label back when saw 'Upgrade' underneath. I heed your advice about not being stroppy, after all was me who picked up the wrong box, but hopefully they'll see my point & be ok & I do have the receipt. Will post back when I've been back to PCW. Thanks folks.

  Smiler 11:57 09 May 2006

If you have a windows 98 or 95 installation disk why worry about taking it back as you can install it on a new system and it will ask for the 95/98 disk at some point to verify you have them, then it will continue to install. It is not necessary to install the old windows. This is the route I took when I bought the upgrade from PCWorld.

  craig367 12:43 09 May 2006

I have never owned an older version of windows. I simply picked up the wrong box when I wanted Windows XP Home Edition. It's just that the price sticker completely covered the word upgrade on the box, so thought I was getting a full XP Home version. Basically my old PC blew up & I have built another & was under the impression that I could not use my old XP pro disc as it has already been installed on another motherboard. I know my own fault with wrong purchase - ish. If the price sticker had been elsewhere - I would not have picked up the box in the first place. Just wondered generally if people thought PCW would be ok in this scenario if I request a refund.

  Stuartli 13:01 09 May 2006

As others have stated, as PC World's misplaced sticker caused your buying error, you should have no problem when returning it.

  Zaphod 3 20:08 09 May 2006

Surely if it was a retail version of XP pro and the old PC has died it can be installed on a new machine? If it was OEM then you may be in bother.

  craig367 07:40 10 May 2006

Hmm. Think I'm stuffed then - pretty sure it was OEM.

  ajm 09:31 10 May 2006

PC world do not sell OEM version. You have picked up the retail box. As other members have suggested, take it to PC World and explain what has happened and that you have not installed the software at all. I am confident that they will either exchange or refund ( exchange most probably)

  Smiler 16:56 10 May 2006

If you have used a new motherboard but kept all other parts why not phone microsoft and see if they will reactivate your existing disc.
I think it's well worth the phone call.
The worst they can say is no.

  dontmeshwithme 21:18 10 May 2006

I purchased a mobo from them, after they agreed to refund me if I had the wrong one. Got it home and it wouldn't work with the processor I had purchased. Took it back and explained the situation and I got a full refund. I know people slate them a lot but in this instance I found them really helpful, most of the larger companies are pretty good on this type of thing.

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