Bought phone on next day delivery - 6 weeks ago !!

  TorrentTrader 23:16 05 Nov 2003

I purchased the Sony Ericssson T610 on the T-Mobile tariff from click here. I followed the order process exactly (and received a confirmation email) and hence should have received the phone on next day delivery. 5 weeks later and I still do not have my phone !!!

When my phone was not delivered next day I emailed the company. It was only then that i was told that the phone was out of stock. I was told that the estimated delivery time would be in 7 days days time. 7 days passed and I emailed them again. Days later i received a reply : phone out of stock. 3 weeks passed and as I had not heard anything i emailed them again to confirm things were ok. I was told that the company had my proof of id, that i had passed creadit checks and that the phone would be dispatched to me as soon as it came into stock. 4 weeks passed. I emailed ukcellphonewarehouse but got no reply. On the 5th weeks i received an email, out of the blue, stating that the comapny had not received my proof of id (even though they had confirmed receit of this weeks earlier). It was also exaplained to me that the phone was in stock and that they had 'no idea' why i had been informed otherwise. I emailed them the proofs again and received an email stating that my order had been sent to dispatch. 7 days have since passed and i have still not received the phone. I have emailed the company every other day but have received no reply.

Please PC advisor - advise me and help to resolve this matter.

  spuds 23:35 05 Nov 2003

Seeing the lack of response and customer service, I would suggest that you contact your credit card company [if that is the way you have paid and set-up your account]and seek their advice.You could also contact your local trading standards, and see what assistance they can offer.

  bfoc 10:48 06 Nov 2003

Is whether you have paid anything yet.

If payment has been taken then I would suggest that:

1. You write (recorded delivery) (and if possible fax as well) to the Companies Registered Address stating exactly what has happened (providing copies of e-mails), how unhappy you are and how you are not prepared to allow the matter to continue any longer. You should demand an immediate and full refund and make clear that you will take matters further if this is not dealt with very promptly.

2. You should also send/fax a copy of the letter to your CC company, providing you did pay by CC.

If payment has not been taken then I would suggest you cancel your order with immediate effect and confirm it in writing, by recorded delivery.

  consumerhelp 16:48 06 Nov 2003

You are clearly in the right here, it seems to me. You have to decide whether you want to press for the phone or demand a complete refund. The latter choice is your statutary right as thirty days have passed since you made the purchase.

Please let me know your order reference number the company gave you if you would like PC Advisor to pursue this.

  Stuartli 17:21 06 Nov 2003

The firm has failed to meet the contract between you and therefore you are entitled to a full and immediate refund, plus any expenses you have incurred.

With a firm like this it's best to avoid it like the plague in future.

  rickf 17:26 06 Nov 2003

That's great service from consumer help. More please. And if I were Torrent Trader I would seize at the chance.

  wee eddie 18:06 06 Nov 2003

I think you have been extremely tolerant. I would have gone ballistic by now.

It has to be an exceptional deal to make you so tenacious.

Take up the "consumerhelp" offer. We may even see your name in lights - well print - anyway!

  TorrentTrader 19:39 06 Nov 2003

Thankyou for the response here. To answer one question, as far as I am aware the company has NOT charged my card.

Despite this however I would very much like ConsumerWatch to look into this matter further. Not only has the company failed to deliver what it promises on its website (next day delivery), it sent me bogus excuses as to why the phone wasn't delivered and now refuses to even reply to my emails. I have resent them the proofs of my ID and has they have told me that the phone is in stock there should be no reason for the further delay. It has been 7 days since our last contact.

I checked there website today and see they are still offering the same phone and same tariff for purchase on next day delivery. However, the price has increased by ?20. This left me wondering - when I placed my order 6 weeks ago had they put the wrong price up on their website and hence tried to avoid processing my order so they wouldn't have to sell at the wrong price ???

When I placed the order, I payed ?30 - the nearest competitors price that day was ?65.

ConsumerWatch - here is my order ID
order ref 39470

Here are some people who emailed me
[email protected]
[email protected]

They provided a phone number for order enquires but no-one ever picks up. As I have a hands-free landline phone I left it ringing on speaker mode for 1hr without any luck !!!

I also have copies of all the emails (well all 5 of them) that the company has sent me over the past 5 weeks.

Thanks again

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