Both Microsoft and Dell refuse to help with XP upg

  morandi 14:49 26 Jan 2003

Due to lack of space here [ and problems with this board ], I've had to summarize my problem.

The entire thread can be seen at
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Technical - the Title is the same.

I bought a Dell preloaded with Windows ME and now wish to upgrade to XP. When I try using my own XP upgare CD I recieve a 'blocking issue' error message. I contacted Dell about this but told that if I upgraded the OS "we will not be able to support you for any compatability issues arising from the software or hardware".

In another reply, they explain that this is because of the terms of their Licensing Agreement with Microsoft. As most Dell users will want to upgrade to XP, do they realise that Dell will wash their hands of them if they do? And what about other manufacturers?

Most importantly, it is not only Dell uk who use OEMs but, I think, all mail order firms all over the world. So basically, people who have upgraded are not covered by technical support during or after upgrade, because of a License Agreement with Microsoft.

I wonder how many people assume they are entitled to technical support after upgrading but are in for a nasty surprise.

Please read the full account on the other forum as it gives Dell's rather disturbing replies.

  Rayuk 15:34 26 Jan 2003

You are still covered for failed hardware,just they wont advise on any hardware conflicts with WinXP so if you make sure all your hardware is WinXP compatable and have all the drivers needed I would go ahead and do a fresh instal of WinXP.
[That is only if you have a copy of Windows ME on CD that came with your pc]
You are much better off using sites like this if you come across any problems.[cheaper too]

  bremner 15:50 26 Jan 2003

Whilst I sympathise with your problem I do think it raises a far larger discussion point.

Many people seem to make an unfair assumption that whatever they do to their computer the manufacturer should still provide support.

An analogy would be that you buy a new car from garage 'A' and after a year decide you want a bigger engine in it. Having put the engine in it goes wrong because of the 'upgrade'. Would you expect 'A' to be responsible for putting it right. I think not.

But it seems that whatever changes we make to our computers be it a major o/s change or install new/additional hardware we still expect the manufacturer to put it right when it goes wrong.

An interesting point for debate I think.

  ellas 16:14 26 Jan 2003

disgrace I think,allthough people have a go at hewlett packard they provided a cd with updated drivers to upgrade my computer from me to xp,also provided a updated xp supported bios and xp drivers on there site,so it went like a dream with my xp upgrade cd,the hp cd and the updated bios.

  morandi 16:49 26 Jan 2003

Bremner I take your point but bear in mind that Dell also sells the upgrade, their site says my PC is OK to be upgraded.
But more importantly, if you read the full details on the windowsxpmagazine site, Dell say thet can't help because they have a License Agreement with Microsoft.And it doesn't just apply to me - it would apply to any PC manufacturer who uses OEMs, which I assume would be certainly all/most of the mail order companies worldwide.

ellas - you don't know how fortunate you are. But also remember that Dell has all those things too.
[ except for providing a cd - unless you bought your upgrade from them].

  leo49 17:07 26 Jan 2003

I agree with bremner apart from the sympathy. Use the time spent in moaning for assembling all the info you need and get on and do it.

  Forum Editor 18:59 26 Jan 2003

is pretty clear. It means that the OEM-licenced manufacturer is responsible for support issues, and as Dell rightly say - they can't support you if you upgrade the OS that they sold you.

There's nothing sinister here, and I was in Dell's position I would do exactly the same - it's common sense.

The fact that this problem just doesn't crop up on a regular basis in this forum indicates that most people understand and accept the underlying rationale, and I suggest you do the same. I don't think there's anything we can do to assist you.

  961 19:23 26 Jan 2003

I don't agree.
If you pay to buy a computer with a Microsoft operating system on it, and then you are prepared to upgrade to a new Microsoft operating system and pay the cost of the upgrade, as opposed to going down the market and buying a disk for a fiver then I think both the computer manufacturer and Bill Gates should be prepared to help you.
In the meantime, until they come to their senses, I am.
If Morandi goes to click here he will find a site that will show him how to analyse his system and find if it is suitable to upgrade, and how to do it.
Now, that has cost me nothing. Couldn't Dell have done it? For a customer that, presumeably, they hope will buy again?

  leo49 19:30 26 Jan 2003

Come off it. Microsoft provide all the info and compatibility checks necessary[and did so for months leading up to the launch of XP]on their XP Upgrade Centre pages.

  morandi 19:34 26 Jan 2003

In that case, could you kindly explain wht Dell sells upgrades and gives advice on it's as to how to install it and checks for you if your system is OK for an upgrade?

It is not strictly speaking Dell who say they can't help - it's because of their License Agreement with Microsoft.

In view of ellas's point, I wonder if things would be different if I had bough the upgrade from Dell- who advertise and sell the upgrade.

961 Thanks for the link.

  morandi 19:38 26 Jan 2003

leo 49
How can I get on and do it if I can't be certain I won't get any technical support from Dell?
According to the upgrade info on Dell's site my PC can be upgraded to XP.

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