boardband connection

  £$£$£$ 13:15 14 May 2004

ive just had my bt line switched on and im now lloking for a boardband package but which one.
some offer free modem and connecttion but if you buy a modem and then get a package the line rental and the packages often seem better value.
which is best?
If you get given a modem is it yours or your isp's?.
im looking for either 512kb or a 1mb connection depending on price.
also when yoube subsribed to a service will most isp's trottle your connection during peroids of high usage?

any recommendations on services gratefully recieved?.

  simonp1 13:29 14 May 2004

I use Zen and would never leave good cant say anymore..but pipex seem to offer some very good deals to..

This web site compares all the ISP'S so do a little search and it will show you all the offers and how good that ISP is

click here

  anchor 13:48 14 May 2004

Been with Pipex now for just over 2 years; fully satisfied, costs £23.44/month unlimited.

Free modem and free setup too. Details here;

click here

  MidgetMan 15:00 14 May 2004

been with freeserve (now wannodoo) for well over a year, now probs with logging on, speed always good, and as a added bonus they have managed not to bill me for the last 13 months straight despite me keep telling them!!!!! cannot beat that on price!!

  MidgetMan 15:00 14 May 2004

sorry should NO PROBS LOGGING ON

  iashem 17:08 14 May 2004

try click here i have been with them for a year and have had no problems, they are offering some good deals including a package starting at £14.99

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