Is on-board graphics on motehrboards sufficient?

  MikeSA 19:42 18 Sep 2013

Nowadays almost all motherboards have on-board graphics rivalling both low-end-and mid-end graphics cards. Unless one specially requires a high-end graphics card, is there really any need to install a low-end or mid-end graphics cards on computers?

  mole1944 04:30 21 Sep 2013

I have a two year old Advent desktop from pc world (Stop sniggeing at the back)with on board graphics, I can happily run Microsoft FSX at almost full bore with little or no jerkiness so as far as I can see on board graphics are fine can't comment on the latest games though.

  spuds 10:22 21 Sep 2013

And perhaps that is the answer - games or high end graphics. And anyone seeking this higher end of the market.

Some people are very happy with the graphic cards provided, and possibly they have no knowledge as to what is classed as 'better', if the product does the job, at an satisfactory price, and for their required needs.

I own a number of computer's, all straight from the manufacturer's as a 'standard' off the shelf product, with the exception of one or two later upgrades. The upgrades usually consist of more memory or higher psu wattage, when the originals are suspect. None of these upgrades have been on the consideration of a graphics angle, because what I have, suits me!.

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