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  VoG II 22:15 20 Jun 2004

Now, to preface this I am a great fan of Blueyonder. However over the last couple of weeks there has been difficulty in accessing e-mails. Every day they raise a ticket like click here

The next day, the same thing, the old ticket is closed "our engineers did not find a fault". But the problem continues and they raise a new ticket.

Is this a reasonable and appropriate response?

  Dumble452 22:36 20 Jun 2004

I'm on Blueyonder and haven't experienced this problem.

  Forum Editor 22:50 20 Jun 2004

and I certainly know what that can be like. They seem to have adopted a policy of "plenty of communication that says nothing meaningful is better than no communication at all", and in a way they're right I suppose.

Reasonable and appropriate? Hard to say. On balance I think it's appropriate, but probably unreasonable, given that you say it's an ongoing problem. Can you talk to anyone there? It may not cure the problem they're having, but it might lower your stress level if you knew what it was.

  VoG II 23:22 20 Jun 2004

Yes (thank you for your response, much appreciated) - their communication is helpful to an extent.

To keep raising it as an "issue" and to keep on raising a new "ticket" every day is somewhat "devious" in my opinion - they should keep the same "ticket" open - shouldn't they.

  Forum Editor 23:27 20 Jun 2004

but I imagine they're in a tizzy over this, and each time they think they've fixed things they close the ticket and........

Why not phone and pose as an irate subscriber (out of character I know), and see if that gets you anywhere?

  VoG II 23:37 20 Jun 2004

OK I'll try during business hours. Thanks very much FE.

  Forum Editor 23:46 20 Jun 2004

You can't be the only one who finds this a tad annoying.

  The Tick Tock Man 01:18 21 Jun 2004

I'm with Blueyonder for a couple of months now and have generally been satified with the service (100k a second download speeds are common) but the email system is a bit "tempremental". I have my email open all day and usually a some point (several times over the course of a day) I won't be able to read it as the server can't be reached. Maybe they just need to boost the number of mail servers as normal surfing remains unaffected.

  bremner 08:06 21 Jun 2004

I have noticed that the problems with the e mail have only been consistant since they introduced their anti-virus protection.

Could it be they are being overwhelmed with the sheer number of hits and their system can not cope?

  thms 10:14 21 Jun 2004

The problems existed long before they introduced the anti-virus protection.

Though as you say it now seems more consistant.
I only access my mail at night or at the weekends due to my being at work all day.
Usually I have to have several attempts to get connected.

I wonder if this only affects certain areas as some do not seem to be affected.

  AlanHo 17:24 21 Jun 2004

I have been affected for a few weeks - some days worse than others.(Solihull area)

I have 3 mail boxes - sometimes like today all three have problems - sometimes it is only one or two of them.

Two weeks ago one of my addresses would not connect for two days - blueyonder helpline tried to correct the problem but then concluded that my mailboxes were possibly on different servers and a particular server was playing up. It corrected itself on the third day.

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