Blueyonder broadband installation. ( or not )

  Joe R 20:17 01 Apr 2005

Just was over at a friends house, where blueyonder broadband was being installed.

The cable was installed, and he was then handed an ethernet cable, an usb cable and an installation cd, and told he would have to the rest himself, as it is now telewests official line that they will not do any connections to a customers p.c., in case of complaints, legal issues etc.

I proceeded to install, the cable modem through usb, but XP could not detect the new hardware, and having no network card, I suggested that he contacted telewest, to notify them of the problems. In the meantime I went home and disconnected my own usb cable, to try this.

When i returned to my friends, she was speaking to a telewest " troubleshooter ", (his words) and was almost in tears, because he was adamant that the fault was with her O,s, and if he sent anyone out to her house, she would be liable for a £75 callout charge.

In the meantime,I connected up her modem, using my usb cable, and yes, the modem was then detected.

My friend then explained, to the "troubleshooter" what I had done, and was told unceremoniouly, " we will deduct £5 from your next bill.

I myself have been with blueyonder for a number of years now, with nothing but service of the best quality, but I think that they should have a better system in place, for new subscribers than this.

How many "newbies" know what a usb a to b cable is, and how many will be scared to ask someone to come out, with the threat of a 375 surcharge hanging over them.

  Fellsider 13:03 05 Apr 2005

I spent 2 hours yesterday with the very same problem for a neighbour, except that when it finally worked I hadn't used a USB cable only Power cable, ethernet and the already connected 'cable' cable (does that make sense?)

I found the instruction book to be most unhelpful.

My own Telewest Broadband is wireless and when I installed this 6 months ago the whole installation took about 10 minutes with no probs.

  scales 12:00 08 Apr 2005

I had Blueyonder round this week fitting the basic broadband package (£14.99 per month) and they did everything, including plugging into the USB socket and installing software.

Having had a bit of a play with it I found that if I boot up the PC before I switch on the Cable Modem, the PC doesn't recognise it and I can't surf. If they are both powered up at the same time no problem. Also if I switch off the modem then switch back on after booting there is no problem, so something must run at startup to recognise the modem but as I didn't install it I don't know what.

  TomJerry 18:30 08 Apr 2005

I think that you made a mistake earlier

the correct order of action is (1) install driver software (2) plug in usb cable (3) switch modem

if you do not do on this order, xp will not be able to detect hardware

  Joe R 19:02 08 Apr 2005


I got it working with another cable, on the night in question.

My point was that, the Telewest troubleshooter kept insisting that the fault was software related, when I certain that it was hardware, i.e. Cable or cable modem. The person I was installing it for (who has no experience of computers whatsoever) was panicking, because of the call-out charge, levied if they had to come out, and found a software problem.

As I said in my first posting, I have been with this company for many years now, and I have never had to use the Blueyonder C.D., instead setting it up through XP.

My gripe was mainly about the demeanor of the "troubleshooter" who I thought was trying to frighten her off, with the surcharge at least five times during the telephone conversation.

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