Bluetooth vs. Wifi

  Malaclypse 13:58 20 Jun 2003

Umm.. I've just bought a Toshiba laptop, and am wanting to connect it to my regular home network.

At the moment, I have just two PCs connected with an RJ45 crossover cable.
If I unplug one PC I can put my laptop in no problem.

I'm thinking of buying a hub, as I do have a few unnetworked linux boxes kicking around, and it would be nice to get them all running...

Although I'm now seeing that WiFi or bluetooth could be of use. I've got an Infrared port, but I don't think i have any other infrared devices, which makes it a bit useless.

I have two PCMCIA slots, and am just trying to figure out which of Bluetooth and Wifi would suit my needs better.

1) If I keep my PCs connected together (and DON't buy a hub), can I plug a USB wifi thing into one of them, and use that to communicate with the notebook?

2) I know that I can get Bluetooth adapters cheaper than Wifi (£25 as opposed to £32). I'm under the impression that Bluetooth is the superior of the two technologies. is this true?

3) What with the likes of Starbucks providing wireless access - In the edinburgh area, I don't really know of any places which do this. How fast is this trend coming to the UK. Do these cafes use WiFi rather than Bluetooth?

All in all I want to know if it's worth the extra £14 to get WiFi rather than bluetooth (because of its greater availability), or if Bluetooth offers superior performance that makes WiFi seem pointless.

  jazzypop 18:31 20 Jun 2003

1) Yes
2) No. It may be technically superior in some aspects, but it has a lesser range and slower transfer speed than WiFi
3) Slowly, WiFi, click here for a WiFi map

Personally, I would forget the £7 and buy a WiFi-enabled router. That would give me the flexibility to connect wired or wirelessly, set up a network with complete flexibility, be platform-independent (all running on TCP/IP), and would allow me to choose from a very wide range of established suppliers.

click here and click here for just a couple of the man informed opinions that Google will help you find

  Malaclypse 10:11 23 Jun 2003

I plan to get broadband whenever my exchange enable it, and would love to share it over the 3 pcs.
How does this affect my network status?

Would this all be compatible, and would getting a wi-fi enabled router in any way limit/enhance my plans for broadband?

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