Blu-Ray ?

  rivington 15:42 16 Aug 2008

Anyone got any comments on when Blu-Ray will be the general standard ? Do I buy equipment ie: DVD player/recorder, Computer etc. now with or without Blu-Ray or Does one wait until the prices come down a little. I would expect the usage of DVD's and Computer would be safe for a number of years. Any comment please.

  version8 16:19 16 Aug 2008

The standard will always move every decade or so as technology gets even better.
First it was CD's, then DVD's & now Blu-Ray.
Blu-Ray players are expensive at the moment, but as it comes more mainstream then the prices for a player will fall over the next few years.

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  €dstowe 10:46 17 Aug 2008

I remember when even a basic DVD player was approaching £500. You can now get then for £30 and less.

I don't know what price Blu Ray players are at present but considering what happened with their predecessors, I'm hanging on before buying.

  Joe R 10:54 17 Aug 2008

Lots of dvd players will upscale normal dvd's to high definition, and will probably be a better bet just now.

  rivington 11:19 17 Aug 2008

I thank you all for your comments. I think that I will buy without Blu-Ray and when due to buy again in say 4 to 5 years prices may have come down a little. Thank you again for your comments.

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