Blocking unwanted emails

  JellyBelly 21:34 19 Feb 2005

Help please

Can anyone advise me on how to block unwanted emails using Hotmail.

  cycoze 21:36 19 Feb 2005

Hotmail has the option of ticking them and adding them to a spam list, this wont block them just send them to the trash bin.

  HappySoul 21:54 19 Feb 2005

click here and click on Mac and Non Outlook users.

  12inches 12:07 20 Feb 2005

Have noted the suggestion by Happysoul to download 'Eliminate Spam' in order to block unwanted e-mails from html addresses.
How do I know which side Happysoul is playing for?
Does PC Advisor confirm this solution?

(Incidentally I have recenlty forwarded copies of unwanted e-mails to an address given me by my ISP and they have been returned twice 'undeliverable'
making me wonder if the spam has a defence against such action built in to it stopping it being reported. However I am almost computer illiterate, so what do I know!)

Lastly I thought my registered name was clever as my real surname is Foot but now know it attracts unwanted mail!

  HappySoul 14:48 20 Feb 2005

How do I know which side Happysoul is playing for?


  freaky 15:54 20 Feb 2005

You will not be able to block spam, only your ISP would be able to this.

You could install an Anti-Spam program, however this will not stop you receiving it, it will just automatically move it to your Deleted Folder. It does at least save you a bit of time and inconvenience.

I believe that Microsoft are trying to develop a program whereby the recipient of spam can redirect it back to the sender. This would have the effect of jamming the senders facility for sending.

I am with NTL and they have recently installed a spam filter on their server, this has reduced the amount of spam I am getting by about 75%.

  sunny staines 16:01 20 Feb 2005

change to gmail spam goes into a seperate folder

  Newuser38 18:30 20 Feb 2005

If you want to you can put a block on anything which is not in your contact list with Hotmail.I will double check how you actually do it. The only problem is you may not get mail you want from someone who is not at the time they sent it ,on your list.

  Newuser38 21:01 20 Feb 2005

go to your Hotmail account. Click on options, then Junk e-mail Protection, then junk e-mail filter then make your choice. Hope that answers the query.

  12inches 08:03 21 Feb 2005

Thanks for your trouble everyone. However, i do not have a hotmail account. It is e-mails being despatched from html into OE that are the problem.

Freaky says Microsoft are working on the problem so perhaps we just have to carry on deleting the nuisance mail pro-temp or keep changing our e-mail addresses.

Anyone else used Eliminate Spam?

  JellyBelly 12:12 21 Feb 2005

Thanks for helping with my question.will try options suggested, if all else fails i will change to outlook express where i believe emails can be blocked more easily.

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