Blocking Internet and Applications at work

  rapidx uk 20:26 12 Dec 2003

Hi There,

Could someone recommend any software for our office. More and More people are browsing the internet when they should be working. They're also using programs like Kazaa and ICQ. Does anyone know of any software I could use to stop people from doing this. I know security policies can often help but I'd like to stop them from going on the internet at certain times too. I've looked into some Proxy Software but it looks very difficult to use and I want to give them access to the internet at lunch and after hours. Hope someone could recommend something.

  recap 20:41 12 Dec 2003

If cost is not a problem click here It is a full Internet server which can either be managed or you can do the administration of it and it is very easy to use. We have one at work and restricution are very easy to configure. You can get sites blocked by inty. If memory servers me you have four levels of user access, from white paper to full unrestricted access.

  Sir Radfordin 20:48 12 Dec 2003

Surfcontrol is one such system that does use a Proxy server but don't think it is that complicated to setup and get working: click here

  Gaz 25 03:11 13 Dec 2003

Websense: click here

Or Blue Coat Systems:

click here

Also also do VPN filtering for corps.

  rapidx uk 14:04 13 Dec 2003

Thanks for all of your replies.

I've just bought this months issue of PC Advisor and there was a piece of software on there called Browse Control. I gave it a quick go in the office. It has all the scheduling I want. It also include an Application Blocker. So I can stop people running Kazaa and ICQ. Plus any other games I don't want them to run. Thanks for your recommendations but this is a lot cheaper than installing something on the Proxy Server Side. I'm going to buy a copy for my 50 PCs. If anyone else needs a tool like this then I can recommend going to click here

  Gaz 25 00:28 14 Dec 2003

One problem....

It has no content filtering for the internet, only blocks specific URLS.


  Forum Editor 13:28 14 Dec 2003

that you issue a specific and written warning to your staff about unauthorised use of your business bandwidth. It's all very well using a software solution to stop access, but unless you ensure that there's a clear and unequivocal company policy statement there could be problems down the line.

It's not unreasonable to expect people to behave as adults, and respect your policy. One of my clients recently dismissed two people for persistently ignoring an instruction that they were not to use the Internet for personal downloads. The matter went to a tribunal, and the finding was for my client - because he had previously written a warning to all staff about this.

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