Blocked Drains

  Terry Brown 15:57 24 Feb 2012

I recently have that dreaded problem with a blocked 'Dirt Pipe' ( from Toilet etc down to sewer).

I had access to a set of drain rods which cleared a hole in it, allowing it to drain, but the pipe needed flushing to clean completly.

Phoned around and had a shock (£100 +) just to flush, although I had done the dirty work already.

Solution: Get a bucket of Hot Water, add about 4 heaped tablespoons of SODA- stir until disolved and pour down the toilet -fast as possible- repeat until clear.

Mine was clear after 2 and a 3rd for good measure.

As a simple maintaince could be worth doing annually and the cost is negligable compared to the agro and cost of a sewage engineer.


  Aitchbee 06:41 25 Feb 2012

Terry Brown - that makes very good sense. Preventative maintenance is always the best solution.

Unfortunately, my drain had two serious blockages, which now have been totally cleared. (This week).

Two major excavations were required, at the front and back of the building.

Total cost of repair was 3,000 pounds.

(I have to pay 1/8 of that total) - about 360 pounds.

  cruiser2 09:40 25 Feb 2012

Had a blockage in the main sewer pipe last year. Found this on a Friday afternoon about 3.00 p.m. We have cover for this under our house insurance policy at no extra charge. So rang the claims dept. They said someone would ring back within 30 minutes. Ten minutes later a company rang to say they would be with us by 4.00.p.m. They arrived before this and spent over an hour clearing the blockage. When the manhole cover in the drive was lifted, the manhole was full of solids. A long high pressure hose was pushed up the sewer pipe to clear the blockage and everthing was washed down. We had to sign a form to say the work had been completed satisfactorily, but we did not have to pay anything. Will have to wait till June when the policy is due for renewal to seeif the premium is increased.

  dms_05 10:02 25 Feb 2012

I live in a late Victorian property that was converted to apartments about 5 years ago. The drains have been a constant problem and the developer avoided any serious solution. We now have our own management company to cover items like this and we commissioned a full CCTV survey which included a full flush and video of the drains (cost £150). The problems could be easily seen and included old drains entering the main drain and the rubbish they were discharging into the drain. The problem is the drain really needs lining and whilst this can be done it costs £100/metre and we are looking at a £2,000 cost which we will have to pay in full.

Remember a change occurred last year and the Utility Company supplying the service is now responsible for some problems that previously were the property owners. In our case the shared nature of the building means were are responsible to our exterior boundary whereas a standard house is only responsible to the wall line of the house whence it becomes the Utility Company problem. If you have a shared drain you are responsible to the point where you join another user and it becomes a common drain.

  Terry Brown 19:20 25 Feb 2012


This is a shared drain, but the blockage was in my pipe, so I cleared it. I did not think to check the House Insurance policy, I was more concerned with getting the pipe & toilet clear.

Luckily my access point is under a concrete (liftable) cover in the front garden about 5 feet from the down pipe so access was quite easy.

Aitch BEE

Sorry to hear that you had your share of troubles, hope that it will now remain all clear for you.With the type of blockage you had, it must have building for a while, or are you in a shared 'Flat' or similar where someone has been putting thing like disposable nappies and sanitary towels etc down the toilet.

I think I will try and remember to do a routine flush (as my post) every year 'Just to be on the safe side'.


  Aitchbee 19:59 25 Feb 2012

Terry Brown - the problem had been ongoing for about ten years.

It was a physical blockage of the drain. The duct had caved in at two seperate points...a cctv had been done...and I saw with my own eyes, the blockages.

After, about, 15 bills for blocked drains...this might be the last...for a while,anyway.

  john bunyan 23:11 25 Feb 2012

I have drain rods and a high pressure jet with a drain "mouse" which I use very couple of months. As my house is off the main road and down a slope I have a pumping station with an automatic pump - I occasionally have to pay for a sludge gulper, so am relatively familiar with what goes down drains!!

  ronalddonald 01:05 29 Feb 2012

When our drain was blocked the wc etc it turned out to be tree leaves.

  QuizMan 18:06 29 Feb 2012

You just need three things: 1) drain rods 2) pressure washer 3) strong stomach

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