Black and White printer wanted

  Graham. 16:07 01 Feb 2010

A friend copies old b&w photographs for exhibitions. On the printers we've tried so far, even selecting black and white, the photos produced have a sepia tone.

Can anyone recommend a printer for the job? It must print to glossy paper, which I believe lasers don't do very well.

  Pamy 16:22 01 Feb 2010

"A friend copies old b&w photographs for exhibitions"
This suggests to me that he has done it succesfully in the past so what printer did he use?

  Graham. 16:25 01 Feb 2010

He used my old one, you could remove the colour cartridge. It's packed in now.

  Bebee 16:49 01 Feb 2010

I really depends on the quality you require.

Most printers enable you to select grayscale only, which would have the effect of printing only from the black cartridge (it's certainly in the options for all the Canon printers I have had and I'm pretty sure Epson has it too).

This is not recommended for quality photographs as it does not offer the tonal range, but if it worked for you before it should meet your needs.

Other than that it's going for a good quality printer and getting into the area of ensuring the computer screen is calibrated and that the correct paper profile is available - time consuming and quite a learning curve if you have never done it before.

The other option is to go for the better Canon/Epsons that have grey cartridges as well as black and are designed to give a good black and white print.

  Graham. 16:58 01 Feb 2010

Thanks, can you point me towards such a printer?

  interzone55 17:07 01 Feb 2010

We have a HP colour laser at work which prints just fine on glossy paper, we use it to print certificates.

I'm not sure if they still do, but HP used to have a Photo Black and Grey cartridges for some of their higher end inkjets...

  spuds 18:56 01 Feb 2010

A laser printer might be an answer. Not sure how it works out now, but Staples use to have a 30 day returns policy, if you didn't like the product.

My laser from Staples is a Samsung ML-4500, which cost a little under £39.99 on promotional offer, a few years ago. Argos had a special offer on last week with a nice looking laser type printer. That was something like £49.00, but the replacement toners were over £70.00, after the original had worn out. I use to fill my own toners, at no where near that price.

  Pamy 22:53 01 Feb 2010

look here click here

  jakimo 04:49 02 Feb 2010

Ive been filling my own toners at reasonable rates for 7 years

click here

  ronalddonald 17:57 02 Feb 2010

do you mean using a scanner or just a copy feature as in photcopy. I use an epsom with a scanner that seems to do the job

  aquatarkus 18:20 02 Feb 2010

To get perfect B/W prints from your printer you really should calibrate the printer and screen so that what you see on the screen comes out in the print aswell but and this is a very big BUT Calibration of printers to screens is a complex science all on its own, there are numerous types of software and hardware out there to do this normally at quite a cost for a good system. have a look here for an idea on whats available click here
You could also look at the B/W ink sets that are available from Lyson Inks have a look here click here but does depend on what printer you have, and what you want to spend.

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