a bit of praise for BT

  Magik ®© 21:30 05 May 2005

Hi, over the last couple of days the broadband connection has been dropping,last night i decided to ring them, spoke to someone in some far off land, it was, "can i have your phone number, mothers maiden name, then, can i have your phone number", "hold on a moment" "what is your phone number".. managed to tell him i wanted an engineer. this morning the phone rang, a very nice young lady asked what was the problem, told her,......she said, she could see i have been having trouble, she had a compleat record of when the line was down (makes you wonder what else they know) she told me the engineers were on their way, and hour later they turned up in force. now, in this day and age that can not be bad, all sorted, they rang again tonite, to ask if everything was ok................

  Forum Editor 00:47 06 May 2005

I've had similar experiences of BT efficiency myself on two recent occasions. This policy of keeping you in touch with their progress is wonderful; in both of my cases I had problems with a landline, and in one instance the engineer rang me on my mobile to tell me that he was in the exchange fixing the problem. He rang back an hour later to tell me that all should be well (it was), and half an hour later he was at the door, checking that I was happy with what he had done.

Bt seem to have realised that we will all be a good deal more understanding about glitches if they keep us in the picture. They are a communications company - one of the best in the world when it comes to innovation and technological expertise - and they understand that people get angry when they're left in the dark.

  Stuartli 10:01 06 May 2005

I've always had prompt and efficient service on the rare occasions I've had to contact BT.

The last time was about 18 months ago when a request to turn up the gain on my line proved a disaster - the line developed into a very noisy one.

I contacted BT and was put through to the exchange manager. He listened to my tale of woe and then proceeded to run a series of tests on my system via the phone line, which included me removing and replacing various components on my computer and also the telephone extension handsets.

The verdict? An apparent fault on the actual phone line.

Next day an engineer arrived, spent two hours replacing all the house to master socket wiring, including a new route under the floorboards, a new master socket and the final verdict following testing that the problem had been caused by an earth fault.

That meant it was BT's responsibility and the good news that I wouldn't have to pay a minimum charge of £57.50 including VAT...:-)

  mikef. 13:21 07 May 2005

Similar praise for BT I had noise on the line last Saturday and used the online fault reporting facility which asked for a mobile number as well as the number with the fault, it was reported the middle of the day I was kept up to date with what was happening by text message and the engineer phoned at about 4.30 to say it had been fixed followed by a confirmation text, very pleased with the speed of service

  Pooke100 16:56 07 May 2005

Never had problems with BT ever, quite a while ago (years) I had a slight issue with the line, they called me back twice to check all was alright, and ask anything else we can help you with?

Since being with ntl, I had a problem with my tv box, phoned them and the guy says hold on a minute and dumps me on to a recording, I missed half of it and then the call ended. Thankfully the problem resolved itself, the box stopped crashing all the time now it's just every so often.

The only reason I changed to ntl was a substantial saving on the combined costs of tv, phone and BB. But in terms of service and customer service BT wins hands down, I was actually quite reluctant to change.


  Magik ®© 17:05 07 May 2005

they have just rung again, rang my mobile this time, to check if i was happy with it now, and she said, any problems at all to ring them back.

they have me for life..............

  wiz-king 21:21 07 May 2005

I have just upgraded my ISDN line to BB and the service was excellent, I ordered over the internet, got an email conformation, another after a line check, another giving me conformation of the time and date for the change. The modem turned up three days before changover and the line was change on time. I had a phone call a couple of days later from BT asking if everything was working ok.

Every thing was ok till I got the next bill and found I had been charged a £887 service charge, I queried this and was told that it was the balance of my ISDN contract rental. When I explained that on the BT website it said that if you were changing an ISDN line to BB then they would not charge the balance of the rental I was asked 'did I print a copy of the web order' and 'could I fax it to them' I did and the billing dept said that they had not been told of this offer. A couple of days later I got a phone call saying do not pay the bill and that a credit note to send back with my bill was in the post and it was!

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