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  anon1 18:27 04 Apr 2004

I would just like to point out that I have been thoroughly let down by click here
The promisies on the home pages led me to believe I was in safe hands. I am an experienced user and I have built and repaired many computers in my time. I have flashed bios before without problem. After dealing online with the above company I was assured that there was a bios upgrade available for my machine and it would cost $25 (approx). Immagine my horror when after attempting to flash the bios I got a " failed warning" and was offered a retry. Done that and then ittold me the drive (floppy) was no longer valid. That was it, one fried bios chip. Luckily for me a local dealer just happened to have a compatible chip that was in fact only a couple of hundred numbers (serial numbers) away from mine. I have attempted to contact the company over two and a half weeks now and they obviously refuse to answer my emails. All I asked for was a refund nothing more nothing less, all I get is nothing, not even a reply. Oh and by the way I followed their instructions to the letter.

I am one of those who prefer not to upgrade the BIOS, as often the potential risks outweigh any gains.If it is not broke, why try and fix it?

  carver 21:29 04 Apr 2004

Just a couple of questions, why would you pay to upgrade your BIOS when if there is one available from your MOBO manufacture it's for free.Second question is, you do know that every BIOS upgrade carries a health warning and unless you really need to, things are best left alone.

  D-P-R 17:10 05 Apr 2004

I'm going to get a bios saviour click here Bit of a fail safe

  anon1 18:26 05 Apr 2004

Well the link I posted was in fact to the bios chip provider and it was not available free. The reason for posting my message was simply to warn others of what could be classed as a scam (the promises look good). 2nd point I was intending to upgrade usb to usb2 and my current bios does not support it. Of course I know about the health warning I am not stupid. Again the reason for posting was to warn others of the potential risk.

  davidpage 00:28 06 Apr 2004

Even if a board apears dead if it was manufactured in the last few years by theres a strong chance it has technology for recovery from a .bin image on a floppy. You may require a PCI video card to see what your doing though.

  Forum Editor 07:09 06 Apr 2004

about waving the word 'scam' around. This company has been around for many years, and I have previopusly heard excellent reports of their service.

Just because you've had a bad experience (which may not be the company's fault at all) doesn't mean you should issue general warnings like this. In general terms you should not upgrade your BIOS unless there's a very good reason for doing so.

  Pappyon 17:33 06 Apr 2004

I paid this crowd £40 for a BIOS chip and they sent one that was older than the one installed on my machine.
(Somebody will be telling me that was my own fault as well)
Trading Standards didn't think so, and got me my money back!!

I've got to watch what I say here, but I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

I actually posted on here at the time, but it was back in November 2002 and the posts are no longer available.

  anon1 17:34 06 Apr 2004

I take your point ed but I did not say it was a scam I simply implied it could be classed as a scam. I have given this company ample oprtunity to reply to me and have sent several emails all with no response over a 2 week period. As I have already stated my intention was to warn others of the risks involved in making this kind of upgrade. I learnt the hard way and if posting this message prevents at least one other doing the same thing then it has worked. If however you think that wrong then by all means remove the thread.

  Forum Editor 18:25 06 Apr 2004

- you've had a bad experience, and you're entitled to report it. The fact is that many people have probably used the same company and have not had any difficulties - I certainly know of several.

BIOS flashing has been a problem for as long as I can remember, and many people end up wishing they hadn't tried. The potential for trouble is always there, and as I said earlier - it's best not attempted without good reason. The fact that you've had no response to several emails is indefensible - no company can afford to ignore dissatisfied customers.

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