BigPockets- any experience of these guys?

  spot the braincell 18:47 27 Mar 2008

On a previous thread I was recommended to look at a desktop from BigPockets (thanks Jimv7)which seems to fulfill my requirements.

Question is, does anybody have any experience of them and more importantly can they be recommended?

cheers all

  Totally-braindead 18:54 27 Mar 2008

I've bought a few things off them but never a complete PC. They are reputable if thats what you are asking.

  jimv7 20:10 27 Mar 2008

I bought 1 of the computers from them (it arrived yesterday) and its very good for the price.

I had previosly bought a pioneer dvd rewriter from them that developed a fault, 1 email to them and an rma was sent, the writer was collected within 3 days. They replaced the faulty writer with a newer model.

And NO I do not work for or have shares in their company.

  pchelper001 21:00 27 Mar 2008

'And NO I do not work for or have shares in their company.'

Im not doubting you jimv7 but isn't that a bit strange to add this bit?

  Totally-braindead 01:28 28 Mar 2008

pchelper001 I think all it is, is that sometimes if you comment on how good a company is certain people tend to infer the person is an employee of the company. I assume this is what has happened to jimv7 sometime in the past hence his post.

Might be wrong of course but I have seen this several times before, you make a comment and then someone jumps down your throat saying you obviously work for them.

Its happened to me in the past when I told a person he was being unreasonable with his attitude with regards a certain company and he accused me of being an employee of said company - which I wasn't I might add. Others chipped in agreeing with my attitude and the guy went away in the huff as he got no sympathy for something that was his fault. Basically what it was was he ordered the wrong thing due to ignorance and wanted the company to refund all postage because of his mistake which they refused to do.

  €dstowe 06:34 28 Mar 2008

I've bought lots of stuff from Big Pockets, although never a computer, with no problems at all.

I don't work for them either!

  BT 07:56 28 Mar 2008

I bought a Wharfedale HDD/DVD recorder from them just last week. It was from their Bankrupt Stock sale and at just £59.99 was an absolute bargain and was delivered in just a couple of days.

  pchelper001 09:01 28 Mar 2008

thank you Totally-braindead i see what you mean now. I apologise jimv7.

  Goofyish 15:05 28 Mar 2008

Have only ordered blank CDs and DVDs from them with no problems at all :)

  Stuartli 15:45 28 Mar 2008

An excellent on-line outlet.

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