woodchip 21:58 25 Jul 2003

Why is it that manufacturers are starting to leave floppy disc drive out of new computers, Microsoft is going the same way by doing away with dos? but yet it takes 5 floppy disc's to create a boot disc and what happens when the system falls over? and you cannot revert to DOS to mend it. Just glad I am an old foggy that stick's with Win98 and Floppy disc's. PS why cannot all those 5 boot floppy's be burnt to a CD and start computer with CD.


  User-312386 22:04 25 Jul 2003

thats why you now have the Recovery Console in XP

No floppy needed

I only use a floppy now to use when i have to transfer a file to a work computer that still runs windows 3.1

  Valvegrid 22:05 25 Jul 2003

5 Floppies? What's that for XP?

  tonyjo 22:08 25 Jul 2003

woodchip, if you are an old foggy wouldyou know how to load a driver into dos from floppy?

  Djohn 22:11 25 Jul 2003

I too think that it's because floppy's are no longer required to boot a new PC. Also because all files applications are now far larger than they used to be, [Some may say, larger than they "need" to be] then the life of the floppy may be nearing it's end. For files smaller than a CD's capacity, there are these new Pen drives of 16/32/64, and larger. Regards. j.

  woodchip 22:11 25 Jul 2003

It depends on the driver

the five floppies are only nessecary if there is no working atapi cdrom. the DOS operating system is 30 years old and frankly has been holding computers back.XP has a command prompt that can be used in much the same way as DOS, win98 does a great job with old machines but just cant handle the power and massive memory of modern systems, the times they are a changing and things have moved on, we dont use 5.5inch floppies any more but we dont miss them, this is a fast paced industry and yes it can be hard to keep up and sometimes unnessesary if your needs are not very demanding but thats life, it moves on.

  User-312386 22:13 25 Jul 2003

yes for XP

i thought it was 6, could be wrong :-)

  john-232317 22:17 25 Jul 2003

Its called progress...

  graham√ 22:19 25 Jul 2003

You can easily and cheaply fit a floppy drive. I think the manufacturers are simply following the fashion, in that the use of floppies has declined to such an extent that the current fad is to poo poo them.

  woodchip 22:21 25 Jul 2003

But why is it that old foggy's are doing all the back work on hear with win98 trying to sort all the XP problems

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