hubdean 17:36 07 Mar 2005

can anyone tell me how bidpay works
i sold my phone and the customer is paying with bidpay?

email from bidpay says i can now send my phone to the address of customer????
But i have not been paid yet
Why should bidpay say to send the phone before i got my money????????????????

con some where or what ??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:39 07 Mar 2005

click here Personally I would wait until you have the cheque etc., and do NOT send the phone until the cheque has cleared.


  hubdean 17:45 07 Mar 2005

no way do i send anything till the cash is in my hand
just seamed funny that bidpay says send the phone now,

  hubdean 18:04 07 Mar 2005

You Should now send the item while your money order is on its way to you. Your money order will be sent by the close of the next business day after you receive this email. First Class mail is typically delivered within 3-5 business days.

sound right to you ?????????????????????????

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