Beware Supanet

  Bailey08787 11:35 01 Apr 2005

They may offer a service that doesn't tie you into a 12 month subscription, but as I have just found to my dismay, cancelling/migrating my service is going to cost a £60 disconnection fee!!

  genuinefake 12:26 01 Apr 2005

Thats your fault for not reading the small print. Its quite normal for isps to charge a fee if you are leaving them before 12 months.

  Bailey08787 12:38 01 Apr 2005're all heart

my post is a cautionary note for others.

  Pegasus. 12:52 01 Apr 2005

You will be Amazed at what you can find in the small print on some sites (Not just ISPs!)

I am Always Alerted to possible 'Hidden Terms & Conditions' when I See what looks like a 'Too Good To Be True' Offer!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:05 01 Apr 2005

The large print giveth and the small print taketh away. The terms are written down so no one can really complain.


  genuinefake 15:02 01 Apr 2005

i know i was a bit mean but it happens with nearly all isps and not just supanet.

  pj123 16:54 01 Apr 2005

Who is charging you the disconnection charge, Supanet or your existing ISP?

Why not wait until your existing contract runs out and then cancel it. That way you incurr no charges and can then pick whichever ISP you wish.

My contract with AOL runs out in May 2005. At the moment it costs £12.99 per month. In May it will go up to £15.99 and that's for dialup connection. I already have a 1mb Broadband connection with NTL which I am happy with. The AOL was a backup just in case. But AOLs minimum BB connection is £17.99, for 512Kbps not much more than the dialup cost, but 10x faster. So I may be tempted to take that as well. I was told by their helpdesk to ring them nearer the time and they may, (may) offer me a deal.

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