beware of Pixmania

  derekl8978 15:05 10 Jan 2008

I would urgently advise all readers to think very carefully before buying anything from Pixmania. I ordered a £355 product for a christmas present that was 'in stock'. Once they had the money they said it was not in stock and could not be obtained in time for Christmas. In fact, I obtained the item from another supplier and it was delivered next day. Pixmania promised a refund in an automated message on 19th Dec. When this did not arrive I complained on the website contact facility only to recieve a string of automated e-mails saying it had been made but could take up to 30 days to credit. This is obviously nonesence - we all know it can be done in a few days.

Worse, a call to their 'customer service dept' reveals that this too seems, (like the auto e-mails), just designed to stop you getting any satisfaction: they cannot do anything other than note your call. After complaining bitterly, I was told my issue would be referred to a manager: turns out this looks like a delaying tactic also -they can only do this by sending a form and admit a response will take 'days'. All the time they have my money earning interest for them while I rack up credit card fees.

There is little doubt in my mind at least that this is a system, well designed, to hang on to money as long as possible: a genuine company would have refunded within days and would not have the need for all obvious these barriers to obtaning a refund.

This company is what gives the internet a bad name

  wjrt 15:16 10 Jan 2008

click here
could have saved some grief if you had searched first
they turn out cheapest quite often but when there are problems then read this lot. some useful contacts in this thread

  Totally-braindead 15:58 10 Jan 2008

They are not UK based as I'm sure you are now aware but even if they were UK based by law they would have 30 days to refund you so I'm afraid you will just have to wait.

It could be refunded sooner but I have to point out to you that legally they can take the 30 days and theres nothing you can do about it.

  Forum Editor 19:25 10 Jan 2008

"a genuine company would have refunded within days" is a classic example of a statement that's based on nothing other than a vague imagining.

Under UK law all online sellers have up to thirty days within which to make refunds in cases like this.

  ened 07:12 11 Jan 2008

"Under UK law all online sellers have up to thirty days within which to make refunds in cases like this"

That might very well be the case, but I think a company which genuinely cared about it's customers would return the money at the first available opportunity, especially in the run up to Christmas.

The other comment I would make is that they should never have taken the money if the thing was not even in stock.

I have purchased items from Amazon and the transaction sometimes hasn't shown up on my credit card until after I have received the goods!

  derekl8978 07:43 11 Jan 2008

'editor' is wrong to defend them on the grounds of legal limits, as per the last contributor's comments, it is one thing having the right to do somehting quite another to do what is in the interest of your customers. Other cnpanies have this right but choose not to invole it in the interest of good customer relations - and lets face it - repeat order. I like the many many people in various forums will not use or recommend Pixmania again. Whereas companies who instantly refund to your card like Hohn Lewis for example will continue to get repeat orders. Lets not forget, this is not a lost delivery or 'grey area' problem: they advertised something as in stock, took my money and will now not refund it without a delay of what seems to be 30 working days. The role of forums such as this is to highlight these policies to other potential buyers so that they can make a decision based on knowledge of other peoples experiences. mine is that this policy is unacceptable. I ended up with a broken prmise (in stock when not) £355 in their account, no christmas present for my son and monting credit charges as I have had to buy another one. Also, the effort and cost in time of trying to get any sort of service from them to respolve the issue is high given a system that seems to be designed to be inpenetratable. I believe people should be made aware of these facts: my advice remains (unless you enjoy being in the position I am in) do NOT buy from Pixmania or any company that has similar refund policies; untrus statements regarding stock position or is 'off-shore' and not covered by UK cnsumer law.

  Totally-braindead 13:47 11 Jan 2008

Who said it was an excuse?

The FE is merely pointing out the true state of things as the law stands. They have 30 days to refund it BY LAW.

"Other companies have this right but choose not to invoke it", what rubbish.

I do not believe that Pixmania are deliberatly dragging out your refund to the maximum 30 days which I think is what you might be saying. They might take 30 days, they might take 20 days or 25 days as long as they refund within 30 days they have no case to answer.

I have had companies take nearly 30 days to refund me and others that have taken 4 or 5 days. This is not in my opinion because they are out to get you or keep your money or anything other than some companies are better and faster at processing refunds than others.

You choose to think Pixmania is ripping people off then thats up to you but telling others to avoid them like the plague( as you have done in another thread).

And by the way. I wouldn't touch Pixmania with a bargepole but not for the reasons you have given. I wouldn't buy from them because they sometimes provide items which are not UK spec and if something does go wrong there are the added costs of sending the faulty item to another country and they are slow to deal with the repair compaired to some other companies.
Now what I have written above are valid points. And I can prove what I have said is true. What you have said is not so clear as you cannot prove what you seem to be saying.

I would agree that they should have never taken the money in the first place and having done so its terrible that they have taken so long to refund you but they haven't broken any laws yet. Unless they don't refund you in 30 days of course.

You have my sympathy for what its worth and I can understand your frustration but at the end of the day they have 30 days to refund you, that is the law.

  robskytoon 19:58 14 Jan 2008

Just to keep it going this is straight off Pixmania website T&C's which people never read

Credit card online:
If your order was paid for by credit card on our website, the refund amount will be credited to your account within 4 working days (if you have a bank card with immediate debit) or within 30 working days (if you have a bank card with deferred debit).

  derekl8978 21:53 14 Jan 2008

Yup, and that is what they promised: I should have my money in 4 days. Guess what? still no money: multiple calls to the help desk and I finally get a promise that a manager will call - mind you that will take 2 days!!! Guess what, yup - no call. Look guys, I have a merchant account in my business. If I give someone a refund on their credit card I just swipe their card or type the details into the machine and swipe my supervisor card: 2 seconds and hey-presto a refund is on its way, and yes it takes the banks 4 days to send it, but that it is it. There IS NO NEED for 30 days it is just a con to keep your money for 30 days and earn interest on it while it is costing you money. Everything else is arranged to fob you off for that 30 days in their carefuly woirded terms. If other people think this is the sort of terms they want to accept, fine, but I will keep warning people against companies like this who employ thisa type of sharp practice 'cos I think the majority will not want to touch them with a barge pole once they know.

Thanks for all your input and if anyone wants to send me a bunch of cash to keep in my account for 30 days I will be happy to send you my detais.....

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