beware pc world in staines if buying software

  david.h 18:41 19 Sep 2004

whilst in the store looking at norton antivirus 2005, i noticed that the price stickers were not obstucting any print on the box. but mixed in with these in very similar boxes were the 2004 version but in every case the price sticker was covering up the 4 of 2004.
I pointed this out to staff as misleading who said it makes no difference you get a free update to 2005 as soon as you load it, now i know that is again misleading as you get 12mths updates not the 2005 upgrade, another member of staff passed by and and when spoken he said makes no difference.
At this stage i decided this store was too dodgy to trust and left.

  Q-Bie 22:50 19 Sep 2004

Actually I thought when the 2005 copies came out the stores were told to send back 2004 to the warehouses.

I'll have to check up on that.


  Forum Editor 00:05 20 Sep 2004

especially in view of the fact that you say it looked as if the stickers had been deliberately attached with a view to concealing the true nature of the product. It's news to me that you get a free upgrade to the 2005 version from the 2004 edition. If you did I don't see how Symantec would survive.

The practice of deliberately hiding important product information is, if proved true, a disgraceful deception and perhaps someone who works at PC World can confirm or deny it.

  citadel 00:26 20 Sep 2004

When I was in my local pc world on saturday I noticed that there were two norton sections, one for the 2004 and one for the 2005. In previous years they always removed the older version when the new one came out.

  pc moron 00:49 20 Sep 2004

Have to agree with david.

When I was shopping at the weekend I popped into some of the stores that sell PC software, in most of them the 2004 version was on sale with the 4 covered up by the price sticker- I only noticed the difference when I turned the box over and read the back.

  wee eddie 07:01 20 Sep 2004

Anyone who just picks a product, @ about £40.00, off the shelf and throws it in their basket, without reading the lable is at the very least partly responsible for their own purchase problems.

While I agree that the suggested practice is disgraceful, it is not that underhand as there are more than a asingle mention of the Version Number on the box.

I feel a bit like Gandulph with this post but I do not really blame PCW, whilst not agreeing that it is right.

  JonnyTub 09:58 20 Sep 2004

I'll confirm the same practice would appear to have been adopted in my local store too. Utterly irresponsible of them!!

Fair enough for those that do read the small print, they realise that it's a 2004 product. But even then how are they supposed to know there is a new version out?????? is it advertised in the local paper, no it's not. For those of us that know, we rarely get ripped of in such a manner, but let's get real for a minute, anyone shopping at pc world instead of a local cheaper shop or online probably doesn't know that much about pc's to begin with, as i for one consistently find pcw extortionate with their prices. The only time i shop there is a sunday and only if i'm desperate!!!

I reported my pcw to the local trading standards office who is following up with an investigation.

  only me 10:13 20 Sep 2004

surely if you go into a shop and buy a product stating sell before a date and it after that date the shopkeeper should send it back to suppliers?

  JonnyTub 10:23 20 Sep 2004

you'd think so. But i get a feeling they have adopted a let's get shot of the last few copies by obscuring the version number with a sticker strategy. Sending back to the supplier means they don't make any money on leftover stock, which let's face it, it is.

  oresome 19:08 20 Sep 2004

You could go into a newsagents as a casual purchaser and buy a September issue of a PC magazine, or most others come to that and believe it was the latest copy.

Let's face it, it's deception and everyone's at it and the buyer must take care.

Why is the 2005 Norton AV version out now? Why can I buy a 2005 road atlas now or a 2005 caravan?

  david.h 19:27 20 Sep 2004

Glad to see a good response to this thread. I hope a senior member of PCW will read it and sort his srtores out, I always read all sides f the software box by many none savvy m.o.p. will not and this must be who they target

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