Beware! PC World selling returned items as new!

  Scillonia 12:37 10 Jan 2004

I bought a graphics card (Hercules AIW 9800 SE at PC World last night. The box on the shelf was empty I presume for security matters, on pay the box was given to security guy to get the goods.
Today I open box to find the card in an anti static bag with sticker stating 'FULLY GARRENTEED Exchanged Product' The number on the bag matched the number on the box was there was no mistake there.
If I had wanted second hand I would have gone to ebay etc
Now off to PC World...

  rickf 12:41 10 Jan 2004

You should take it back with the original sticker and ask then to justify their action and replace your purchase with a new one. Check before you take it out of the shop. This is not the first time pcw has been accused of doing this.

  obbit 14:13 10 Jan 2004

it's by no means the first time. you only have to look through the threads on this site

  duckers 14:28 10 Jan 2004

The consumer goods act protects you from this sort of thing, trake it back armed with some relevant information incase they hassle you. click here and look for the documentation you need,
PC World have made a mistake,and they should correct it.
I generally like PC world though (apart from the high prices) and if you think about their sales volume, to only get a few problems is quite good.

  Stuartli 14:30 10 Jan 2004

Are you sure you were not buying something in the Clearance area that PC World stores feature?

In any case the Fully Guaranteed label should cover you - I bought a Clearance Hercules Fortissimo 7.1 sound card at the Aintree branch last year for £25 which wouldn't work.

All I got when I tried to load the drivers was the information that I needed a Fortissimo 7.1 sound card for them..:-)

I returned it and was immediately given the full purchase price back; the only setback suffered was that Aintree, where my nearest PC World is situated, is about 15 miles away....:-(

  Stuartli 14:38 10 Jan 2004

Another point - did you pay full price or, perhaps, a clearance price? Your receipt will reveal all.

  Scillonia 16:11 10 Jan 2004

Many thanks all,
Just to confirm it was not a sale item and like most items from PCW it was over priced.
They offered me a replcement, but this one was from an open antistatic as well, so have now gat my money back and in the market or a graphics card.This time round will buy on line and follow ennuye's advice

  Rayuk 16:17 10 Jan 2004

Is this the one you are after
click here

  Forum Editor 16:51 10 Jan 2004

I will automatically delete any post that advises or exhorts other users to avoid, or boycott a particular supplier. It's up to everyone to make their own judgements as to which companies they'll buy from. There will be no exceptions to this important forum rule.

PC World aren't without their faults - no retailer is - but they sell hundreds of thousands of products to hundreds of thousands of people every day. The vast majority of those customers (and I'm often among them)have no cause for complaint, otherwise the company wouldn't be the largest consumer electronics retailer in the UK. As always, let's maintain a sense of balance.

Having said all that.........we have caught PC World selling second-hand items as new on numerous occasions in the past, and I would be grateful if you would email me with full details of the location of the store Scillonia (don't post them here), and anything else you think will be of use.

Scillonia? Didn't I use to travel to the Isles of Scilly on a boat called Scillonia many years ago? I spent many a happy summer there when I was young and into camping (and drinking) holidays with my mates.

  Q-Bie 20:10 10 Jan 2004

Just to make a small point

A lot of the graphics cards we sell now are dummy boxed on the shelves to prevent theft, and some of them come in anti-static bags that aren't sealed. So sometimes you will get a brand new product in an unsealed box and bag (this also happens with a few products like DVD Writers etc..)

Not that I'm defending that you got an obviously exchanged product when you paid for a new one, that's either someone trying to pull a fast one or a geniune mistake.

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