beware of of a firm claiming to be claims direct

  ronalddonald 17:25 16 Mar 2010

got a phone call from this telephone number 01616567800. The woman who was speaking talked really really fast, i old her to slow down and asked what is this about then she cuts me of accusing me of being patronizing just before cutting me off.

Even after i told her to slow down in her talk she just spoke quickly, im beginning to think it might be some kind of scam to take, use and pass on my personal details. Have any other forum members have had the same experience

  BT 17:37 16 Mar 2010

Just don't give anyone your details over the phone, especially someone you don't know, then you can't get into trouble.

See here for details of this number

click here

  peugeot man 17:57 16 Mar 2010

Lots of info on Google about this number, seems the bottom line is they want your bank details!

Here is an extract I found:
01616567800 this number is Claims Advisory Service - cold callers saying "they can help recover costs if you have been misold a loan". I explained i was not interested due to the stress it would cause and its not worth it, the advisor said "that's what they are there for", i said "what at a cost" he said there "would be a fee" not intereseted in this service and the fact they continue to call me is a joke. I asked how they got hold of my number and the advisor told me its a database they buy. So next time i will answer my phone and politley ask for them to remove my details!Caller: Claims Advisory Service.

click here

  peugeot man 17:59 16 Mar 2010

Sorry BT didn't spot your link till I had already posted.

  2bathred 20:44 16 Mar 2010

They told me I had been in a car accident and wanted to make a claim. I told them I couldn't remember if I had or not.He assured me I had had an accident but I again told him I could not remember. When he asked me for my details I told him I had been in an accident and could not remember them. He hung up.

  KremmenUK 07:26 17 Mar 2010

Sound advice - never divulge anything to peeps who call you.

  Colin 12:49 17 Mar 2010

If I don't recognise the number, I don't answer it. I Google the number and the most popular at the moment is an insurance company for Sky TV equipment and British Gas. Get lost!

  ronalddonald 17:59 18 Mar 2010

i posted this warning, ive had 20 calls on my mobile yesterday and about 15 calls on mobile today, i haven't answered them many of them have been missed since Ive placed my mobile on silence.

  tullie 18:07 18 Mar 2010

Theres got to be a good reason why you are getting all these calls.Some of us maybe only get the odd one,or none.

  BT 08:24 19 Mar 2010

IF this is the case, the next time they call, answer and ask to speak to the Database Manager. Ask him to remove your number from their calling list. They MUST do this if you request it.

  Paul-1379466 23:27 19 Mar 2010

The problem I have is I have relations living in the USA & I have to answer anything which comes up as International. I now no longer even speak but just put the phone down if it's other than family.

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