Beware of Exchangfe Rates

  HondaMan 10:31 26 Jun 2010

I have just been on the WinZip site to puirchase their lsatest product, which is on offer at $49.95 or £42.95 in the uk.

I know they have to make a profit, but presumably they do this on the product. To make a further exhorbitant profit on the exchange rate is, in my view immoral. I know that the exchange rate varies but so should their prices!

  Kevscar1 10:46 26 Jun 2010

There must be a Uk site you can purchase it from.

  Kevscar1 10:47 26 Jun 2010

including their own

click here

  spuds 23:37 26 Jun 2010

There's nothing new about exchange rates being different on some products. New Microsoft products and other well known names have been in this category more than once.

If you were in some countries, you would be able to pick up an illegal copy for less than a fiver. But I am not saying that you should though!.

  Boghound 08:24 27 Jun 2010

Is the £42.95 including VAT? Many software companies now have a European office in Ireland and charge the Irish rate of VAT.

The easiest way to get around paying crazy European prises is to use their US sites and have a US address.

  Kevscar1 11:43 27 Jun 2010

he doesn't need to my link takes him to their UK site £25.95.
I always look for UK site before foriegn one and only buy from them if they are signifcantly cheaper or it can't be bought in the UK

  spuds 11:46 27 Jun 2010

And that would also mean having a US registered bank account or credit card. ;o)

  Kevscar1 15:37 27 Jun 2010

it doesn't I used to import from Taiwan always paid by debit card through Lloydstsb

  spuds 22:49 27 Jun 2010

I make a number of purchases mostly on a monthly basis from the USA and Asia, with a UK registered credit card via eBay PayPal or Amazon.

But in the case of making, or trying to make certain transactions, like Microsoft USA purchases and some other branded American software products, you may find that the purchase is blocked unless you have a credit or debit card registered in the USA. The same may apply to delivery address.This subject usually appears on this forum, when Microsoft or certain other software companies bring out a new product, and people question the cheaper products in the USA compared to the UK, and why they are unable to purchase direct from the USA.

  Kevscar1 09:35 28 Jun 2010

Sorry mate never had that problem. If I come across it I will e-mail and say you just lost another sale.

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